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Dual income households have become something of the standard way of life. This is especially the case in those households with children. Having children can make working a lot harder for parents. Fortunately, there are some much-appreciated benefits employers can offer employees with children that can make it easier.

Child Care

Trying to balance work with making sure children are properly cared for is hard. Many employees have raised concerns recently regarding their ability to return to work as normal because there may not be adequate child care available, or it may be too expensive. As an employer, you can help these employees by assisting them with child care. You could offer in-house child care or sponsor a dependent care FSA for your employees. Employers who help with child care show their employees with children that they understand that their employees have important responsibilities outside of work and that they support them in those pursuits.

Better Insurance Packages

Offering health insurance has become something of a standard benefit offered by many employers. There are other types of insurance you can consider offering your employees as well that could make your insurance packages better. There are various types of life insurance you can offer your employees. You can also offer life insurance and both short- and long-term disability insurance. No one wants to think that they will die or become disabled, potentially leaving their family in a tough spot. These insurance options can provide employees peace of mind, knowing that their family will be taken care of in the event they no longer are able to.

A Flexible Work Schedule

If your employees are also the primary caregiver for their children, a flexible work schedule can be an absolute lifesaver when it comes to creating a balance between work and caring for the child. Children get sick and can be disruptive to even the best routines. Allowing employees flexibility regarding when they work can help make sure that working parents are able to put in their hours and still ensure that their children are properly cared for. Of course, some companies may need more set schedules, but if your company can allow that level of flexibility, give it some serious consideration.

Working parents have a lot on their plate. Benefits in general are helpful, but there are some that your employees with children will especially appreciate. Help with child care, good insurance packages, and offering a flexible work schedule can be a real benefit to working parents. If you’re still wondering what benefits would be most appreciated, consider having a conversation with your employees and see what they think.

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