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There’s something appealing about starting a business. Having a vision and following through to build something great, who hasn’t thought of doing that? If you’re thinking of starting one, it’s important to note that some of your business success might depend on where you set up shop. Marketing rule #1 is location, location, and location. Different cities have a variety of support systems in place and have very different resources. If you’re thinking of pursuing entrepreneurship, here is a list of cities where you can increase your probability of success.

Decatur, GA

Best Cities to Start a Business in 2018 1

Surrounded by colleges, this city offers an attractive and work-ready talent pool. If you need help obtaining the correct permits or you’re just looking for office space, the DeKalb County Chamber of Commerce has plenty of resources that can help you. It’s also close to Atlanta so that you can have the best of both worlds!

Medford, MA

Best Cities to Start a Business in 2018 2

Located 5 miles from Boston, this is an ideal pick if you don’t want to pay Boston prices for growing your business. There’s no shortage of qualified employees, and college graduates come from Tufts University every year. Medford is close enough that you may even be able to attract MIT talent, but those graduates are in high demand. If your business is in the pharmaceutical, biotech, technology, or other scientific industry, Medford is the right city for you.

Henderson, NV

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Being close to Las Vegas and having a low cost of living is only the start of Henderson’s appeal to small businesses. The city is active in economic development and offers qualifying businesses tax incentives and job training. Henderson’s attractive business climate helps businesses succeed by providing them with the necessary resources.

Cheyenne, WY

With an incredibly low cost of living and office space that’s available for a bargain price, Cheyenne offers businesses the ability to expand at an accelerated rate. It’s also attractive for college graduates, and the Wyoming Small Business Development Center has resources to support local and new businesses alike. If you want to have a high quality of life and grow your business at the same time, you can’t go wrong with Cheyenne.

Danbury, CT

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Danbury offers an excellent educational system and a pro-business climate. The city also has a low crime rate. According to ADT Connecticut, the crime rate is lower than the national average: by over 24% for violent crimes and by just over 4% for property crimes. Having an environment where the city supports your business is important, and Danbury offers just that.

While there are plenty of other cities that offer business incentives, only you can choose what’s best for your company. Do your research and stay diligent for opportunities. Most importantly, have fun while you’re building your business. There’s nothing else quite like it!