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Entrepreneurs are always looking for ways to better their businesses and maximize profits. It can be as simple as learning skills that will not only help you in management but also in marketing and design. One of the best degrees for business owners to attain centers on applying psychological principles to everyday life and business. A degree in applied psychology will improve profits, make designs much more likely to succeed, and maximize the organization and ultimate value of a company.

best degrees - applied psychology

Human Resource

When it comes to recruitment, training and retention of employees, a mastery of the application of psychological principles is indispensable. When building a team of employees, personality and work ethic matters. A degree in applied psychology requires meaningful experience providing personality tests and a working knowledge of how those personalities work together. For example, the DiSC personality profiles provide employers with meaningful ways of using employee strengths and matching them to certain teams and tasks. Having an applied psychology degree allows employers to circumvent potential pitfalls and maximize productivity by using personality profiles and learned empirical interventions. Hiring the right people, creating the right teams and retaining the best employees are all critical for growing a successful business.

Research and Development

All business depends upon its consumers. Psychologists understand that all good product design is dependent upon its usability. Psychologist and engineer Doctor Don Norman shows the world just how important the ability to see the psychology of everyday things is in the world of business. His book, The Design of Everyday Things, has inspired successful entrepreneurs such as Steve Jobs. Human-centered design is the future, and every good entrepreneur has the ability to tweak the inspiration they find into something that fits the majority of the population. A master’s of applied psychology online can provide a strong foundational knowledge of the population and an understanding of the fallacies and nuances that people exhibit. Much like a magician uses sleight of hand and distraction to trick his audience into believing what he wants them to believe, businessmen and women can use these basic psychological tenets to help create meaningful design for their products and businesses.

So whether you already own your own business, plan on starting a business, or are hoping to become a leader in your industry, a degree in applied psychology serves a multitude of areas and increases your potential in every area. Many companies are hiring people with a background in psychology because they are aware of the importance of having someone with this knowledge base and experience applying it.

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