Do You Apply Your Skills?

Do you apply your skills?  Do you know when to use them, and when to lay low?  It has been a long time coming for me to learn when to use them, and when to lay low. My younger daughter is in seventh grade.  This is probably the first time she’s had to study, and…
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The Dark Side of Leadership

I think that leadership is a great thing.  I wouldn’t be working on this blog, otherwise.  Leadership can be a lot of great fun, but there is a dark side to it.  If you fail to check yourself periodically, you will be going to the dark side without realizing it.  The dark side is the…
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Checklist For Raising a Kid

I have a mental checklist for raising a kid.  It  encompasses most of the skills that they will need as an adult, so that they can navigate the world.  Those genres include banking, cooking, sewing, cleaning, and car maintenance.  In this blog post, I’ll put together a list of items I am trying to teach…
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5 Tips to Teach Kids Life Skills

I’m really big on teaching my kids life skills.  Right now, I have a 15 year old who’s currently visiting friends in Germany.  She flew there by herself, and is taking trains between cities by herself.  My 12 year old is learning to fill out forms for various activities that she wants to participate in.…
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5 Signs You Live in a Zoo

I am pretty sure I live in a zoo.  It’s not just the four legged critters that are convincing me of that fact these days, but the two-legged ones as well.  Granted, we have a rabbit, chinchilla, three cats, and two aquariums, and I’ve been syringe feeding the rabbit for the last week.  Really, though,…
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3 Ways Perseverance Pays Off

If there is one thing I’ve learned in life, it’s that perseverance pays off.   I am probably the poster child of perseverence and sticking with something.  It is true that sometimes perseverance is also tantamount to beating your head against a wall. 3 Ways Perseverence Pays Off It enables you to achieve great things.  To me,…
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Give Yourself

To be an effective leader, you must have people’s trust.  In order to gain that trust, you quite simply are going to have to give yourself to them.  Being a leader is about confidence that people have in you.  They have to trust that your decisions are going to be in their interest.  After all,…
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Follow Your Heart

As I move towards starting Extension of You Home Care, one of the things that we are looking for in employees for our company is passion.   We are looking for passion to provide care in ways never seen before, with a different business model than your typical home care company.  We are looking for…
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What Inspires Me

After coming across a group on Linked In, by the same title, I decided to write a post about what inspires me.  There are so many people and situations that serve as inspiration that it’s hard to list them all. What Inspires Me Hard work, and results inspire me.  I like seeing hard work pay…
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Name 10 Uses

Interview Question- Name 10 uses for a Pencil that don’t include writing.