Honesty Matters

In life, we all have decisions about how we’re going to live.  We decide what our code of ethics is going to be, and how we will apply it to our lives.  We decide how honest we are going to be with ourselves, and with others.  Frankly, honesty matters.  I think that being true to…
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Sharing Memories

The last few years of my father’s life were very difficult.  But they do not remove all of the wonderful, positive memories from earlier in life. From a time before I took over as caregiver, and totally responsible for everything he did or did not do.  I assumed responsibility for dad’s health and his finances.…
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Stereotypes And Assumptions

It is so very easy to stereotype people, and make assumptions about what they must be like,  based on appearances.  In fact, there are plenty of studies that show that people assume that men who are tall are great leaders and that they make more money than shorter men. People assume that because someone is…
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I’m Not Your Mother

One comment I’ve heard at work that drives me crazy is being called someone’s den mother, or “The Mother of the Interns”.  In fact, unless I gave birth to you, I’m NOT your mother.  I may be a mentor, or manager, supervisor, or leader.  I may be many things, but please don’t insult me by…
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To Me, every hour of every day and night is an unspeakably perfect miracle ~ Walt Whitman Related posts:

How to Use the Power of Powerless Communication | LinkedIn

How to Use the Power of Powerless Communication | LinkedIn. This is an interesting article on “Powerless” communication. I think that it’s really great, because I tend to use some of those techniques to get people to do what I want them to do.  Now, to be fair, in some cases I’ve learned that I…
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Bringing Up Girls

Last night, I went to dinner with my oldest daughter.  We talked about what progress she’s made on her Girl Scout Gold Award project, as well as the lessons she’s learned while working on the project.    We had a great conversation on growing up, learning skills, and all of the things she’s been learning…
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Put One Foot In Front Of The Other

When the going gets tough, and sometimes it gets to going very tough, then just about the only thing you can do is put one foot in front of the other, and keep on moving.  This week has been one of those weeks for me.  My dad died last Saturday, while I was out of…
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Claude Alan Wilson

  Born on June 3, 1942 in Fort Worth, Texas, Claude Alan Wilson died Saturday, July 13, 2013, Raleigh, North Carolina after a prolonged battle with Parkinson’s disease.  Even as the disease robbed him of his ability to do things, he still retained his dignity and sense of humor.  He was a kind, caring man…
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Men Are Not Mind Readers

One of the very common sets of complaints that I hear from women is that their husbands don’t do X, Y, or Z around the house.  My first question is- “Did you ask?”  Sometimes the answer is yes, but frequently it’s no.  Frankly, how is someone going to guess what you need, if you don’t…
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