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The beauty industry is a highly competitive world where few manage to succeed and gain prominence. Without the right knowledge and mindset, most newcomers fail to launch their businesses or products and make any profit. 

However, these ten women were some of the few who managed to make it big in this industry. Despite challenging odds, especially the hardships of being a woman in business in the 20th century and even now, these ladies persevered and showed the world true success. 

From the first beauty moguls who started their empires as long ago as 1910 to the industry leaders and trendsetters of over 100 years later, each of these women built her empire with little to no outside help. Their dedication, hard work, and passion for their work and the beauty industry is unmatched, and this is clear from the products they have made and the companies they have built. 

These beauty industry titans are known as some of the most influential women in history, and their names are hard to forget as they’ve built world-renowned, million-dollar brands around themselves. 

Check out this guide and infographic from FragranceX for some amazing advice from women who have defined the last century of the beauty industry, and those who are going to define the next. 

Business Advice from Women Who Shaped the Beauty Industry