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Heather Fein

Get your inner witch on, with beautifully blended soaps, incense, and stones.


Mariel Morales

I am a certified makeup artist, image & confidence advisor, CEO of Beautiful & Confident, LLC.
I help women over 35 feel beautiful, confident and powerful to create the life of their dreams.
I do this inside my Life Artist image transformation courses.

Get off the Couch!

Mandy Jo Rindhage

Mandy Jo is an author and speaker. Her first book is Adventures in Walking From the Couch to 5K. She does speaking and exercise engagements for groups looking for inspiration, encouragement, and can help you kick off a walking program.


Deb Fletcher

Accounting and Bookkeeper services.

Website Design

SMatthews Designs

We are a Boutique Creative Agency with over 15 years experience in our field. We offer branding consultation, logo and graphic design, web design and SEO developing to both local, national and international businesses. We provide personalized and customized attention to our customers and make sure each client has a memorable and exceptional experience.

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38 Partnership Brand Consultants and Marketing Specialists

We often find that business owners we are currently dealing with or have dealt with have all suffered, and these issues are simply that they don’t skills, time or enthusiasm to design or manage their own branding and marketing.
The downside is that their most important assets to draw in new clients – fail. Their business starts to stagnate or often doesn’t get off the ground, they don’t see the growth they were expecting and this affects them both mentally and physically as they struggle to push harder to get clients not realizing they are still almost invisible online.
We have 30 years of experience working with large and smaller businesses promoting their brands and products. We have introduced, unknown to the UK, brands and taken them to market selling into the likes of Harrods, John Lewis and Bentalls. We have designed software that has helped fast- forward technology and worked with top digital companies testing new initiative’s that will in the future, help business owners work more efficiently.
What we do at 38 Partnership can totally turn their business around, we research and monitor how their business is seen, looking for cracks in their branding and marketing – and often find massive gaps they weren’t even aware of.
Clients arrive at our door when being referred to us after bad experiences, they know their business needs help but who do they turn to next who will understand what actions to take to fix their problems?
By working with us, they learn how to become more visible, gather in prospective clients giving them a reason to buy, increasing their growth and gaining back more time and money that they justly deserve, In essence we refocus or retarget their marketing effort.
They now look like a trustworthy and professional business.
What we see, is a client who arrives under a lot of pressure and leaves feeling confident and optimistic about the future.
If any of this shouts ‘this is me and my business’, please get in touch.


Lei Scheidell

Video Production, Editing, Closed Captioning, and More!

Speaker, author, performance catalyst

Leslie Flowers

Leslie is a trailblazer for people who long to achieve in business and in life. She has mastered timeless principles like the law of attraction and power of positive thinking to create a proven system for goal achievement and success.
She specializes in guiding women to succeed spectacularly in a man’s world and collapse the wage gap earlier than expected. She teaches women how to stop to the roller coaster of financial insecurity by building confidence, harnessing their positive beliefs, and taking inspired action to get what they want.
A speaker, best-selling author, and performance catalyst, Leslie has 45 years of experience in the corporate world and 20 years as an entrepreneur. Active in community service, she is a founding member of

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Debra Matthias

Connect to Clients

Connect to Clients trains professionals how to grow, market and promote their business on LinkedIn as well as “Turn Connections into Clients” Learn how to reach out to professionals, establish connections and make lasting relationships by networking with the groups and companies that you connect with. Debra Mathias is a LinkedIn Trainer and Coach who has successfully helped over 10,000 professionals achieve success through her proven method of Networking with LinkedIn© and Career Transitioning with LinkedIn© courses. She is also host of #LinkedInLocal Raleigh/Triangle Reach out to her today at

Kathryn Jones

Crazy Clock Lady

Our business brand is Clocks and Watches and everything “Time” related.

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Sandee Sevilla

Sandee Virtual Solutions

A Virtual Assistant that offers an array of ONLINE SUPPORT helping female business owners and entrepreneurs with their workload by taking on tasks so they can do things that is more important to them.
A graphic designer and a Canva Certified Creative.
Your go-to for CHIC & click-worthy graphics that stay true to your brand.

Precision Bookkeeping Services

Pamela Sorrels 

Bookkeeping Services for small businesses and personal bookkeeping. We handle all bookkeeping related services from payroll to Accounts Receivable and Payable and monthly bookkeeping write up services. Happy to do QuickBooks clean up and business management services. Let us help keep your finances in order so that you can focus on growing your business and making the best financially sound decisions as possible. Soon to come is tax preparation and notary services. Locally owned and operated and happy to help clients remotely so we can service your bookkeeping needs affordably.