~by Haley Lynn Gray~

Have you ever worked with someone who could’t be corrected? Who knew that whatever they were doing was right, no matter what? Were they fun to work with? I think we’ve all worked with someone like that. They couldn’t admit they were wrong, even when wrong, and took offense at everything. Even when there wasn’t anything to take offense to. Here’s another career tip: Leave your ego in the car when you get out of it.

Remind yourself that there will always be someone out there who can do it better, faster, more economically, and all around better. There will always be someone who sells more, does more, closes more deals. You can always learn. You’re not going to learn, unless you leave your ego in the car. It will just get in the way like a bullet-proof vest. You won’t be able to see the advice you’re getting, or learn from the experience if you don’t leave the ego behind.

Also remind yourself that if a colleague is asking you a question about how something went, it’s not necessarily because they are looking for something to pick on or find fault with. They could be genuinely interested in how things went, and trying to help you celebrate what’s gone well. Most people really aren’t looking to throw you under the bus, and frankly if you’re working in an environment where that is the case, perhaps it’s time to find somewhere else to work. Please don’t second guess the intentions behind a question, or put negative connotations on a question. That is especially true if you have no reason to suspect evil intentions on the part of the person asking question.

Ego has no place in the workplace. You can wear it all you want at home, although it’s probably best to not have one there either. When you come to work, come to work without it. Slow down, and accept that most people are out to help you, and that 95% of offense is perceived. Leave your ego in the car, and don’t bring it with you to work.


Meet the Author: Haley Lynn Gray

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