Have you ever had a colleague who who was moody one day, snappish the next? How did you like working with that person? Here’s a career tip for women especially : leave your mood at home.  I know, our hormones sometimes get the better of us.  I’ve known so many women who have raging hormones from being peri-menopausal, or because they are pregnant.  It doesn’t matter the reason.  Leave your mood at home.

By that I mean, no matter what’s going on in the background, you need to leave it behind, and focus on your job, put on a happy face. Be nice, be kind, and be super focused on what you’re trying to do. If you are feeling like crap? Take some meds, have some coffee, and suck it up. Don’t take it out on your colleagues, because you will develop a reputation as being moody, difficult, of not impossible to work with.  People may even end up scared to work with you.

Remember- the world is a very small place.  Most people are only separated by 1 or 2 degrees of separation in any area.  When you are moody in a professional environment, you develop a reputation.  That reputation will have a tendency to