Careers That Let You Make a Social Impact

Are you often frustrated by the state of society and angered by social injustices? If you wish you could have a bigger influence on society, consider switching to a career with more social outreach and influence. Here are a few careers that help you to make a lasting social impact. 

Nonprofit Director

First, you could consider becoming a nonprofit director. Many different nonprofit organizations have inspirational missions to help communities, countries, and individuals in need. There are nonprofit companies providing food to the hungry, providing feminine hygiene products to underprovided women, providing healthcare to needy communities, and much more. 

These organizations collect money and supplies to help people who can’t provide for themselves. There is almost no better way to make a social impact. You can also create your own nonprofit company if you don’t find one that contributes to the specific cause that you have in mind. Make sure to check out many of the nonprofit organizations near you to find the best organizations to work for.

Criminal Defense Attorney 

Next, if you’re looking for a career that will let you make a social impact, you could become a criminal defense attorney. Criminal defense attorneys defend individuals who have been charged with crimes by researching their cases and speaking on their behalf in court. 

Some criminal defense attorneys work for law firms and other attorneys are hired directly by a court system. Becoming a defense attorney opens you up to several possibilities. For example, it can help you to make a social impact by defending and protecting those who have been incorrectly and unjustly accused of crimes. 

Government and Public Service Positions

You can also make a social impact and difference in your society by working in a government or public service position. If you’re unhappy with changes that are being made in your community, being involved in local lawmaking and policymaking can help you to make a difference. For this kind of career, you’d need to be involved in public policy, public administration, or your local government. There are many other public service positions that can have a big influence on your local community. For example, you could work in emergency management and medical services, fire science and security, homeland security, community service management, public education, health services, and more.


So, if you’re tired of some of the decisions being made in your community and want to make a difference, remember these career options. You can become a nonprofit director, a criminal defense attorney, or work in government and public service positions. These careers, among many others, could help you to make a significant social impact.


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