~by Carmen Jordan~

When I started my Company, CCL Restoration, back in 2010, I only had six months left of Unemployment Benefits. I contacted Legal Zoom to make my company legitimate. The woman on the other end of the line asked me, “What’s the name of your business?” I replied, “I don’t know.” She said, “Well I need to put you on hold to take care of some Careful-what-you-tell-yourself-compressorother information, so when I come back maybe you’ll have come up with a name for your business.” When she returned, out of the clear blue I said “CCL Restoration”, which stands for Carmen, Courtney and Landon; myself, my daughter and son. And so, CCL Restoration was born. I had no idea what I was doing; I just knew I had to create my own destiny so that I could take care of my family.

My business required me to work many days and late nights, with absolutely no time for myself. I started to doubt my decision to become an entrepreneur, and told myself I have totally lost my mind for doing this kind of work. After all, for the past 20 years I had been working as a professional in Corporate America. Now, at forty years old I am cleaning houses. Ugh! That thought process was nothing but the devil trying to instill fear in me. That’s exactly what will take place if you don’t have a strong foundation of self. I knew deep down inside that the Spirit of God had other plans for my future. After five years of building and closing nationally recognized clients, I was finally able to reap the benefits of becoming an entrepreneur. Now it was time to restore pieces of me and take some much needed Rest & Relaxation. I scheduled a two week vacation for myself. I wasn’t sure if two weeks was a sufficient amount of time to take, as I had never allowed myself this benefit in the past. However, I set the plans in motion, and I’m going to enjoy every minute of this to restore my mind, body and spirit.

I say these words of inspiration to you with a humble heart. Please, whatever you do, be careful of what you tell yourself, because you are listening. In hindsight, the name CCL Restoration is much more than a name. It is the restoration of self, my children and the community I serve on a daily basis. The job you do isn’t who you are. So, make sure you know who’s truly in control of your footsteps.

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