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Attract more customers during the winter

How to Attract More Customers During the Winter

Winter can be the dog days for your business once the holiday season passes and your customers are taking refuge from the cold and rough weather. However, it does not have to be that way if you are clever and strategic. Here are some ways to grow your business and attract more customers during the winter season.

10 Simple Ways to Use Facebook to Promote Your Small Business

10 Simple Ways to Use Facebook to Promote Your Small Business

From its powerful way of connecting businesses with customers to its various advertising options, there is no denying the benefits of using Facebook to promote your small business.

Job Posting Sites

55 Free Job Posting Sites

When it comes to finding the right candidate to fill a job opening, small businesses are at a disadvantage. Small business owners are constantly competing with larger companies over the same talent pool. Therefore, small business owners must find ways to differentiate their business and job openings to attract top-notch talent. Even though small business owners will have limited resources, utilizing the right job posting site can help level the playing field.

How Introverts Can Thrive in Online Business

When you picture a business owner, you probably envision someone who’s outgoing and can talk to anyone. They don’t seem to be intimidated by any situation and they’re bold and excited to network and make connections with others. If you’re an introvert, this vision might not describe you, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t…
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Should I Look Through Social Media Accounts of Potential Job Candidates?

Social media is such a prevalent part of everyday life that it can impact jobs. That’s why many employers wonder if it’s a good idea to look through potential candidates’ social media accounts before continuing with the hiring process. There are definite benefits to knowing what someone does online. Social Media Savvy A social media…
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What Are the Advantages of Starting Your Business in a More Rural Location?

While you will hear plenty of naysayers if you say that you are thinking about opening your business in a rural location, there are many reasons why this may be a sage move. Rural areas have a whole different feeling than urban locations, but the slower pace and friendly demeanor may be just what your…
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Tell Your Business Story Better with a Well-Organized Site

You already know that your website is one of the most essential marketing tools in your company’s arsenal, but you may wonder if you have the most important parts covered. Your website is vital to building your brand, so your target audience needs to find some certain features on it. Here are the essential sections…
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How Companies Can Focus on Employee Wellness

Healthy and happy employees are more productive and creative. Even better, your focus on their well-being can build loyalty and help you plan for the long-term based on a workforce with seniority. However, it can be hard to get your employees to take a break even when they really need one. Offer PTO Make sure…
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Unique Ideas to Promote Health While Working in an Office

Every day, millions of people head to their offices to sit for eight hours straight. Yes, they’re productive, but is that productivity at the expense of their health? According to experts, sitting for prolonged periods elicits highly negative systemic adaptations. If you want an office full of healthy employees, changing up your workspace is key.…
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4 Tips for Business Networking Internationally

With almost everyone having access to the internet, businesses are no longer limited to their physical locations. Now, you can do business with anyone in the world in pretty much the same fashion as you would in the same country. However, as with any business dealings, at some point, you may have to meet the…
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