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How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk | LinkedIn

    How to Self-Promote without Being a Jerk | LinkedIn. From the Article: Acknowledge others. State your accomplishments in terms of how you have helped others. If you have clients, list the ways they have benefitted from working with you. If you volunteer, be proactive in supporting your favorite non-profits. When your team wins, give…
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Gender pay gap: The familiar line that “women make 77 cents to every man’s dollar” simply isn’t accurate. – Slate Magazine

 Gender pay gap: The familiar line that “women make 77 cents to every man’s dollar” simply isn’t accurate. – Slate Magazine. “How many times have you heard that “women are paid 77 cents on the dollar for doing the same work as men”? Barack Obama said it during his last campaign. Women’s groups say it every…
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5 Things You Have to Unlearn to Succeed at Work | LinkedIn

5 Things You Have to Unlearn to Succeed at Work | LinkedIn. This is an interesting article on the 5 things that the author says you have to unlearn to succeed at work.  What do you think that those things should be?  I’m not sure about the gaming at work, but I have seen some…
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5 Tips to Teach Kids Life Skills

I’m really big on teaching my kids life skills.  Right now, I have a 15 year old who’s currently visiting friends in Germany.  She flew there by herself, and is taking trains between cities by herself.  My 12 year old is learning to fill out forms for various activities that she wants to participate in.…
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Give Yourself

To be an effective leader, you must have people’s trust.  In order to gain that trust, you quite simply are going to have to give yourself to them.  Being a leader is about confidence that people have in you.  They have to trust that your decisions are going to be in their interest.  After all,…
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When Life Gives You Watermelons

When life gives you watermelons, what do you do?  I was faced with that question yesterday afternoon, as part of the Watermelon Sale for the International Travel Group.  We set up a watermelon stand at the Apex Flea Market, and didn’t sell nearly as many as we had hoped.  Not nearly as many.  So, what…
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5 Tips for Effective Team Problem Solving

I had to deal with an issue today, and it proved to be an exercise in getting several people together to work on a problem.  Naturally, there were multiple issues involved, multiple people at fault, and convincing everyone to work on the issue at hand in a non-threatening matter to get all of the issues…
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Just how honest are Americans? |

Just how honest are Americans? | Interestingly, Americans are pretty honest.  As in my previous post, I argue that being honest is very important.

Honesty Matters

In life, we all have decisions about how we’re going to live.  We decide what our code of ethics is going to be, and how we will apply it to our lives.  We decide how honest we are going to be with ourselves, and with others.  Frankly, honesty matters.  I think that being true to…
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How To Mess Up A Perfectly Good Internship

I work with interns, lots of interns.  It is fun.  A lot of fun.  They make me smile most days.  I really enjoy their youth, enthusiasm, energy, and just Joie de Vivre.  My internship program is about converting people to full time.  So, it’s about bringing in people, and seeing if they’re a fit for…
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