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Effective communication in the workplace

Effective Communication Between Generations in the Workplace

Effective communication is key in almost every aspect of life, and none more so than in the workplace. However, this is becoming more of an issue today with the number of diverse generations represented in the workforce. Millennials and Gen Z’ers often have a different perspective on things than their Baby Boomer co-workers, and this can lead to tension and disruption in the workplace.

5 Tricks that Work When Cold Calling the C-Suite

Cold calling the c-suite happens in the early stages of the selling process and is the ability to make things happen. However, calling the c-suite unprepared would lead to the early demise of your sales career. No, cold calling is not a thing of the past. There is enormous potential in cold calling higher-level executives.…
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15 Ways to Prepare Your Business for the Future

If you’ve built up a great business with healthy sales and a loyal customer base, it’s not enough to sit by and hope for continued success. To thrive and stay relevant, you must continue to innovate.  It can be tricky to stay ahead of the curve and know what you should invest in. After all,…
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Women at Workpalce

Tips for Improving Workplace Culture for Women

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, many HR management and team leaders are making an effort to improve workplace culture for women. But as they strive to dispel the “old boys’ club” environments of the past, many are realizing the task is more involved than simply hiring more women. To help HR management and team…
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8 Great Tips for Working Remotely

If you’re like most people, you’ll love working from home. However, it definitely makes a change from traditional office work. As long as you are prepared and have the right mind set, you’ll be able to see the benefits right away.  Of course some of the benefits are pretty tangible. Work from home statistics say…
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How Do Cultural Differences Affect Leadership

Culture- The values, ideals, beliefs, and norms of a target market- affects literally everything in the world of business and leadership. What works in the U.S.A, for example, may not work for businesses that are based in other parts of the world. That explains why if you are interested in moving your operations to a…
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How To Be a Powerful Woman Entrepreneur in a Start-Up

Being involved in a start-up faces its own fair share of challenges. However, an effective and powerful woman entrepreneur in a start-up is a whole other arena. Unfortunately, there’s a significant gap between women vs. men run start-ups. For example, it was reported that out of 200 tech startups that ranked for GeekWire this year,…
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What to Do If You Witness Harassment in the Workplace

Harassment is a problem that affects the entirety of the workplace, and the ripples of harassment go beyond the victim; it changes the harmony of a workplace and the feeling of safety and security around the office. Even if you’re not the victim, you can be impacted — but the good news is, as a…
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What Factors to Consider When Hiring a Remote Employee

It’s smart to consider certain factors when searching for the right remote employee. Because they are working from a distance, these employees should be able to perform with limited supervision. Examine these personality traits in a remote employee to help you find the best fit for your company. Trustworthiness If you can’t trust someone, you’ll…
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9 Tips to Market Your Personal Brand at a Conference or Convention

In the past couple of years, a considerably greater degree of attention has been paid to the creation, development, and maintenance of a personal brand. In basic terms, personal branding is defined as the ongoing process of creating and maintaining a prescribed image in the minds of others about yourself. You personal brand is intrinsically…
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