Category: Fashion in the Workplace

How to Choose Accessories for Your Business Attire

Accessorizing can be a blast when you’re familiar with the turf. But when the time comes to use such details to build up and protect your professional reputation, to leave an impression in a meeting, and to stick to a certain unwritten dress code, you might find yourself wondering which piece will look stunning, and which one is just not cut out for the office.

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Tips for Building Your Professional Wardrobe

Some might not consider work attire a priority, but when starting a new job, what you wear can play a role in first impressions and how you feel throughout each and every workday. That’s why it’s important to take the time to develop your professional wardrobe and opt for items that are comfortable, practical, and help you feel your very best!

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Featured Expert: Sharon Haver

Sharon Haver helps women entrepreneurs and small business owners be seen so that they can step into their star power. As an internationally recognized style expert and personal brand success strategist, with a combined background in the business of marketing, entrepreneurship, and visual messaging, Sharon helps women who want to be seen as an influencer get the high-level clients they want.

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What’s the Best Professional Dress for Professional Women?

John T. Molloy has written several books on professional dress, including “Dress of Success for Women.” Women trying to be taken seriously in business need to take a critical eye to any standard advice you see in the media, even if it is based on actual research and not mere opinion. Although Mr. Molloy’s books and advice are based on research, not opinion, there are things he got wrong.

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