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Featured Expert: Chitunda Tillman Sr.

Chitunda Tillman Sr is one of the most prolific writers and inventors of our time. He has written several educational books, inventions for infants and visually impaired students. Mr. Chitunda Tillman Sr is raising money to continue his journey… It is now that he is telling his gripping story for justice as he fights Time…
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My bitter-sweet journey as an Environmental Conservationist

My Bittersweet Journey as an Environmental Conservationist

I was almost getting depressed after I received the sms on the course I was to study at the University. More depressing was the fact that it was kenyatta University.. I had chosen the course myself and the University was my choice ever since. It’s just that some people made me feel bad about this.…
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Leslie Flowers

Featured Expert: Leslie Flowers

Leslie Flowers is an authority on guiding women to ask for what they deserve … and be paid. Through seminars, workshops, high-performance masterminds, and her best seller Champion, she teaches a hallmark combination of various time-tested philosophies, distilling down the process of achievement and performance as the key to women having a successful business while…
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African American Business Leaders

Celebrate the Lives of Great African American Business Leaders

~by Lance Jones, Chief at Safe & Secure Worldwide Protection Group~ . The time has come to move change forward. We can no longer be satisfied with being job takers. We must now become job makers! Join the 10,000 fearless business entrepreneurs! We are building black business leaders through increased entrepreneurship. Hear, learn and be…
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