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Remote Interview

How to Interview Potential Employees for a Remote Work Job

When it comes to interviewing potential remote employees, the interview handbook must be thrown out completely. Along with the fact that these individuals won’t be with you in the room, most of the questions asked during the interview will be vastly different than that of an on-site worker.

Job Posting Sites

55 Free Job Posting Sites

When it comes to finding the right candidate to fill a job opening, small businesses are at a disadvantage. Small business owners are constantly competing with larger companies over the same talent pool. Therefore, small business owners must find ways to differentiate their business and job openings to attract top-notch talent. Even though small business owners will have limited resources, utilizing the right job posting site can help level the playing field.

Social Media of Potential Job Candidates

Should I Look Through Social Media Accounts of Potential Job Candidates?

Social media is such a prevalent part of everyday life that it can impact jobs. That’s why many employers wonder if it’s a good idea to look through potential candidates’ social media accounts before continuing with the hiring process. There are definite benefits to knowing what someone does online.

Freelance Employee

How to Know If You Should Hire Freelancers or Employees

When it comes to owning and operating your own business, it can be rather daunting to invest in hiring employees. Bringing in staff is not only a huge investment but a change of “business as usual” for your company. But if you’re starting to feel overwhelmed, then it’s time to think seriously about hiring someone to take some of the load. But should you hire someone in-house, or outsource to a freelancer? Here are some of the things you need to keep in mind for the decision.

Giant Panda

How to Hire Talent While Competing With Giants

Small startups often struggle to snatch the top candidates in the global labor market, especially when they compete against established, financially stable enterprises


Asia: A Destination for Hiring Remote Workers

If you have established a business or are seriously considering doing so, you can always consider hiring remote workers from Asia where you can find people with the skills of different kinds and knowledge that you can’t exhaust.

Hiring Interview

Why Do Transferable Skills Matter When Hiring?

In addition to finding candidates that possess the technical skills needed for the specific job, it is important to hire people who boast a myriad of soft or portable skills. Also known as transferable skills, these qualities help distinguish the extraordinary prospective employee from the ordinary.

Business Recruiting

What to Look for When Hiring for a Tech Position

If you are someone who is actively recruiting candidates for tech positions, you already know it can be difficult to find the right fit. Ensuring that each person you employ aligns with your needs and goals is necessary if you wish to remain efficient and enhance your company’s competitive edge.

Job Interview

3 Tips to Remember When Hiring Your First Employee

There is nothing that fills you with more pride than reaching the milestone of having to hire your first employee. Naturally, you want to do it the right way and not botch it.

Businesswoman at Desk Recruiting

3 Reasons Why You Should Test Your Candidates Before Hiring Them

When you’re hiring candidates, it can be difficult to determine who can put their money where their mouth is. If you want to find the right candidates, you need to test them before hiring.