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8 Facets of a Leader’s Weekend

Thomas Jefferson said that any person who never loses any time would have the occasion to complain about the want of time. He added that if we are always doing, then we can accomplish so much. What is the reason behind a leader’s weekend being different? Here are eight reasons that I have seen that…
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Lady Boss Lessons

I’m sure you’ve noticed the rise of the Lady Boss in your life. SO many women are becoming empowered and becoming leaders in our country. Here are a few great role models to go by. Here are a few Lady Boss Lessons from our friends at FTD. Please include attribution to with this graphic.


Prioritization: The Secret Leaders Use to Get Things Done

Prioritization is the key secret ingredient that leaders use to get things done. See some tips that you can utilize today to help prioritize your tasks.

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How To Be An Alpha Woman In All Aspects Of Your Life

The term “alpha” is thrown around a lot, and we tend to categorize both men and women as either “alpha” or “beta.” However, we’d argue that “alpha” is a sliding spectrum; some people might be born as alphas, some people might grow into alpha-dom as they get older and more experienced, and there are also…
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How Do Cultural Differences Affect Leadership

Culture- The values, ideals, beliefs, and norms of a target market- affects literally everything in the world of business and leadership. What works in the U.S.A, for example, may not work for businesses that are based in other parts of the world. That explains why if you are interested in moving your operations to a…
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Returning to Work After a Career Break

Career breaks are normal occurrences in the corporate world. Sometimes you plan your break, some other times you are forced by circumstances to take a break. Either way, you will need to prepare yourself thoroughly for a comeback to your stagnated career; otherwise, you will struggle to get your vibe back. And, of course, as…
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How Entrepreneurship Can Contribute to Global Prosperity

For most modern entrepreneurs, running a successful, profitable, and well-known business is no longer their primary goal. They are now constantly on the lookout for ways to be more involved in the community. They help introduce and initiate changes that improve the economic condition of the community and the social well-being of citizens. Many of…
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Communication Tips for a Leader: Preventing and Dealing With Workplace Conflicts

When it comes to being a leader in the workplace, avoiding conflict is impossible. Hiding your head in the sand like an ostrich is equally not acceptable. The best way to deal with conflicts is to face them head-on and resolve them as quickly as you can. Conflicts are usually brought on by many factors,…
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5 Female-Led Podcasts All Girl Bosses Should Listen To

Being a fearless female entrepreneur or girl boss doesn’t always come easy. Whether you’re putting the hours in at a startup, or climbing up the corporate ladder, we could all do with some help and encouragement from time to time. Podcasts are a brilliant way to find a network of supportive and creative women who…
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How a Road Trip Makes You a Better Leader

Thinking back from the road trips we have taken, we may not see right away the major takeaways. Maybe you had to change your own tire, or got lost and had to ask the local citizens of a town you have never been in for directions. Changing your own tire is a lesson in adapting…
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