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5 Tips to Sanitize Your Office from Top to Bottom

~by Kara Masterson~ . Working in an office, you have many people walking in and touching your belongings. Often they are coworkers, but other times they are clients who come in from the streets. Protect your health along with the clean, professional look of your workspace. Learn 5 major tips to sanitize your office from…
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board meeting

4 Tips for Surviving Your First Board Meeting

~by Emma Sturgis~ . We have all been there – that overwhelming feeling at work when its time to come face-to-face with the company big dogs. Being new, inexperienced or in a learning position can certainly be intimidating, especially when you have to interact with your superiors, but it doesn’t have to be. In fact,…
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5 Things You Need to Know Before Merging Your Business

~by Lizzie Weakley~ . Mergers and acquisitions can give companies a fast way to expand product lines and enter new markets. Still, merging with another company introduces many variables, some of them unknown, into your business model. A well-planned merger has no guarantee for success, and a hasty merger can easily ruin your business and…
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4 Essential Qualities Your Small Business Staff Needs

~by Anica Oaks~ . A small business depends on its staff. However, good help can be hard to find. Staff of all kinds could use some help. Here are some qualities that you could encourage in your staff. 1. Dedication It is extraordinarily important to have a staff that is dedicated to your business and…
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workplace environment

Simple Ways to Create a Better Workplace Environment

~by Lizzie Weakley~ . Creating a healthy workplace environment is very important. It helps with the level of productivity. It helps keeps stress levels down. If you’re looking for simple ways to infuse this type of positivity in your workplace from a managerial standpoint, consider these ideas. Example It’s important to be the change you…
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How Can Millennials Prepare for a Professional Career?

~by Rachelle Wilber~ . If you’re young and working towards a professional career, you are probably tired of hearing all the negative stereotypes about your generation. You’re at least as ambitious and resourceful as those from generation X or baby boomers. You also grew up with the most advanced technology in history, which is certainly…
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abuse in the workplace abuse

Abuse in the Workplace: What Are Your Options?

~by Meghan Belnap~ . As a business owner, you have a multitude of responsibilities that extend beyond the daily production of your products and services. Of the most important duties, ensuring that your employees are protected and cared for, should be high on your list. Whether it is sexual harassment or verbal abuse by management…
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customer service

Customer Service: Why is the Customer Always Right?

~by Lizzie Weakley~ . The heart of every business lies in sales, and the key to great sales is competent customer service. Unfortunately, many business owners leave customer service out of the equation. Understand that omitting customer service can have a major impact on the success of your business, especially in today’s highly competitive age.…
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How Women Can Build Leadership Skills and Excel

~by Anica Oaks~ . Women have long fought against the “glass ceiling” in business that makes it much harder for them to obtain upper management positions than their male counterparts. But by taking some steps to self-evaluate and build leadership skills, women can put themselves in the best position to be extremely successful in the…
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eating disorders

How to Deal with Eating Disorders Among Employees

~by Dixie Somers~ . Eating disorders are among the most stigmatized, least-understood and most deadly mental disorders. For the concerned employer, it can be uncomfortable to address an employee’s eating disorder, but doing so is important for the productivity and reputation of your company. Follow the guidelines below for handling an eating disorder among employees.…
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