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Buyer Personas Are Important to Visualize Marketing Campaigns in the Right Context

Knowing the ideal customer is the way to create customer-centric marketing campaigns that triumph in business today. Although this is a perfect situation in marketing, it is often easier said than done. Or else why would numerous marketing campaigns keep emerging that do not have any specific customer in mind? Creating a visual and verbal…
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How Can Instagram Help Your Website Rank High on SERP Indirectly?

Business owners are aware of the fact that social media does not have a direct influence on search engine optimization. However, experts in the field say that if you are able to manage your social media platforms strategically, you can positively impact search engine rankings and gain a competitive edge in the market with success.…
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The Value of Your Brand Equals The Sum of Who Your Business is and What It Stands For

The value of your brand equals the sum of who your business is and what it stands for Your golden carriage may not be the next Uber – but, you still need a brand What is a brand? “Brands are tangible promises made tangible through recognizable signs” Heidi Cohen As far as the daily task…
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Convert Instagram Followers Into Customers For Business Revenue Increases

Perhaps one of the most important factors that will determine how successful your Instagram marketing efforts are, is converting your Instagram followers into your potential, if not loyal customers. This is because it is the customers who go from followers to loyal customers who drive the bottom line and profitability of your business. Therefore, you…
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Useful Ways to Use Instagram to Boost Your Business Site Traffic

Instagram can really be a helpful tool for someone who wants to follow an unusual path. These paths include: An audio or video produce Podcasting Professionalon-camera hosting and producing An advisor Product management.  In all these types of services, the common thread is that all of these require the connection of technology and artistic expression.…
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Telehealth Market

Telehealth to Making Inroads in The Remote Healthcare Space: Top 3 Trends to Watch For

Technology is evolving rapidly across all sectors. In the healthcare industry, technology has made a huge impact with the introduction of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics among others. Improving quality life of patients has always been the main focus of care providers and telehealth is one such innovative discovery. It allows patients to have a…
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Content Marketing For Beginners: What Software to Choose From The Start?

Creating and conducting a successful content marketing strategy can be a bit complex, especially for beginners. When you’re just getting started in the whole digital marketing world, you might get confused by all the content curation, metrics, numbers, and parameters you need to control. This is why you could use a hand of a content…
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Dark Web

Black PR: What to Expect and How to Fight

Public relations (PR) have always been an important business concept, but the Internet gave it a brand new boost and revealed the dark side of this phenomenon. Many entrepreneurs, industry thought leaders, and senior managers still don’t understand the power of the so-called Black PR, but they certainly should because it’s becoming a critical tool…
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Top Tips For Handling A PR Crisis

We live in an instant society. Within minutes, news about your business can go viral and draw millions of eyeballs. Small and women-owned businesses count on social media platforms to gain the attention of their customers. And, in a perfect world, only your smartest tweets or most compelling videos would gain this much notice. Unfortunately,…
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What Leaders Need to Know About SEO in 2019

As a business leader, you tend to have your fingers in every one of your company’s pies. You know a bit about what sales is up to, about HR’s big projects and about what tech is working on. So, naturally, you want to know how SEO is factoring into your overall marketing strategy — but…
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