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How to Effectively Engage in Facebook Groups for Business

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . Facebook groups are one of the current darlings for getting business through social media. Done correctly, you can bring in a good number of clients and build an amazing business network around them. For the most part, you can work your own hours and have a very flexible schedule that…
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How to Attract Clients to Your Business Using Facebook

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . Have you been struggling to attract clients to your business? Have you tried using Facebook? Social Media, for many, is simply a place to hang out, have fun and share their lives with others. What they may not realize is that businesses do hundreds of millions of dollars in transactions…
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How to Get People Into Your Facebook Group

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ When I started building the now 60,000 strong Women’s Entrepreneur Network on Facebook, growth was slow, and painful.  Interaction was nonexistent. People weren’t joining.  In fact, all I got for months was crickets.  People were just watching, but not responding, not clicking, not really doing much of ANYTHING.  To say it…
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What not to do in Facebook Groups

What NOT to do in Facebook Groups- AKA confessions of a group owner

I started the 60,000 strong Women’s Entrepreneur Network Facebook Group in May, 2015.  It has been a lot of ups and downs, but there are always those moments when you wonder as a group owner what exactly people are thinking, so I’m going to share some of those here. If you’re thinking of using a…
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Is your Facebook Group Dead?

Do you hear crickets in your Facebook group? Is your Facebook group dead on arrival? So, how does a savvy business owner improve Facebook engagement in their Facebook group? I started the Women’s Entrepreneur Network on Facebook- A Facebook Group  in 2015, and it has been a great journey, growing that group to over 60,000…
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11 Steps to Get Your Facebook Group Engaged

~by Haley Lynn Gray~   If you are a business owner, you should really consider starting a Facebook Group. This can work well for a lot of different types of businesses, including anything like coaching, services that people use over and over again, or products such as make up or home decor. The options are…
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