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Powerful Women in the Beauty Industry

Business Advice from 10 Powerful Women in the Beauty Industry

Check out this infographic for some amazing advice from women who have defined the last century of the beauty industry, and those who are going to define the next.

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Key Factors That Will Improve Website Conversion Rates Using Design Psychology

All of the efforts that you put into your business’ website are almost meaningless without keeping in mind the importance of doing your best to have high conversion rates. This is where web design plays an essential role. This includes various aspects, from general aesthetics to various other items, such as CTAs, links, and so…
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How the Top Companies Overcome the Gender Balance Problem in STEM?

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) background is in a high demand today. Lots of companies create numerous work positions of that kind and offer really high salaries. However, most of the candidates for technical positions are men, which makes it hard for the companies to reach the gender balance. At the same time, such…
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Entrepreneur Interview – Jeremy Ellens

Jeremy is the co-founder of LeadQuizzes, a quiz and survey software built for marketers to increase their leads and learn about their audience. Their users have generated over 4.7M leads and 73.9M questions answered. Entrepreneur Interview Q & A 1. What is the name of your business? What does your business do? LeadQuizzes – LeadQuizzes…
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Entrepreneur Interview – Lisa Kroese

Lisa Kroese has appraised and helped sell millions of dollars worth of art, antiques and personal property. She moved across the country from the East Coast in 2010 just before her first daughter was born. She is a 42 year old wife, mother of two with one on the way, and a successful small business…
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7 Great Style Lessons from Millennial Entrepreneurs

Used to the quick pace of the modern world, millennials are becoming experts on looking stylish with very little effort involved. While the older generations might complain that dress codes and norms are becoming far too lax, in reality it’s still very important to dress for success. Wearing something that looks messy and dirty is…
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The History of Women in Leadership Positions: A Look at the Incomparable Life of Helen Bonfils

*Denver Post archive photo Women who desire to assume leadership positions can learn a great deal from female leaders in the past. These women include some important unsung heroes that haven’t received the due they deserve for their amazing accomplishments. In addition, these are women who demonstrated their leadership in their travels from one locale…
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Essential Legal Considerations for Business Owners

If you intend to start your own business, there are some crucial legal considerations that you must bear in mind. The failure to be conscientious when it comes to these essential legal considerations can result in you and your business facing unnecessary challenges, even fatal ones. Establish an Appropriate Legal Entity for Your Business A…
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Finance Tips for Millennials For a Stable Financial Future

Coming of age during the time of the Great Recession, Millennials have conceived a pretty grim image about finances and investments in general. Many of them grew up seeing their parents lose their homes, their jobs, and even go bankrupt due to poor investments and mortgage frauds. Now, jobs are scarce, excessive college loans loom…
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Feeling Frustrated by Your Job? Check These Questions and Learn What to Do

According to the last social surveys, more than 60% of American people are not happy with their jobs. They have a lack of motivation and engagement, which makes their everyday activity complicated and frustrating. At the same time, most of them do their best to meet the requirements of their employers and work really hard…
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