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Old School Offline Marketing for Your Small Business

We all get burned out on the Internet every now and then. It’s natural. All of these online forums in which we participate pull us in ten different directions at once. When you put down your phone, there are plenty of offline practices left to consider that will expand your customer base, improve customer experience and make your business a more appealing place to be.

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You’ve Got Your Online Leads, Now What? 10 Quick Tips to Help You Better Handle Leads

So, your marketing professional created a terrific lead generation program for you producing select prospects. Now what?

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How to Make Marketing Your Brand More Manageable

Anyone who’s launched their own business can attest to how difficult it can be to market a new brand and products successfully. Although marketing can be intimidating to new business owners, anyone can master the skill of expanding their brand and reaching new customers.

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The Reality of Sales: How to Get Clients

The reality of sales is that it’s a numbers game, and it takes some persistence. My process has three parts: get seen, build credibility, and reel clients in.  

Want to Be a Marketing Master? Try these Moves

~by Emma Sturgis~ . In marketing, the little things can make a big difference. Many business owners tend to overlook the little things and get too caught up with the big picture. While the big picture is important, you often can’t get to the big picture if you don’t make every part of your marketing…
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5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make Trying to Get Clients

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ — Most of my clients want one thing: more clients or customers. They feel like they don’t have enough clients or customers in their businesses, and I certainly know how they feel, having been in their shoes myself. I’ve had to learn a few lessons the hard way on my journey…
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How to Use Pinterest to Attract More Clients

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . Pinterest can be a fantastic tool for driving traffic to your website and for attracting potential clients or customers. If you have a business where you put out hints and tips, blog posts, articles, pictures, decorations, crafts, or almost anything informational, you can use Pinterest to benefit your business. So,…
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Step Up Your Sales with These 5 Timesaving Tools

~by Emma Sturgis~ . Sales is a numbers game. The more customers you are able to reach, the more sales you will ultimately make. While there are limits to how quickly you can execute a sale, there are tools that can help make your sales process more efficient and effective. 1. Signals/Yesware In the world…
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How Can I Get More Clients from Network Marketing?

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . Network marketing is one of the most powerful and fastest ways to build relationships and get clients for your business. There are a number of networking meetings and opportunities out there. Finding the right ones will be super important for the success of your business. Don’t rely on attending meetings…
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What Happens When You’re Consistent in Your Business?

~by Haley Lynn Gray~   Many people start a business and then give up too soon. They ask a couple of people for sales, then they give up when they don’t get as many as they’re hoping for. The reality is that it takes being consistently consistent and a lot of asking to get to…
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