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5 unique tips to increase your productivity

5 Unique Tips to Increase Your Productivity

Here are five unique tips that can increase your productivity today and make you a more effective leader. Start utilizing these today.

How a Simple Workout Can Turn You into a Better Businesswoman

How a Simple Workout Can Turn You into a Better Businesswoman

Being a businesswoman is a hard task. It involves a lot of dedication, skill, brains and confidence, so you always need to give your maximum in order to stay afloat. But, there’s one thing that can put you in front of your competition: regular exercise. Sure, working out is good for the body and we all know it, but it can also be amazing for the brain.

Signs Entrepreneurs Should Know To Ensure Effective Calendar Management

As an entrepreneur you must make sure that you manage your calendar most effectively and efficiently. If you do not, you will soon find yourself lagging behind your close competitors. Therefore, to be better off, it is important that you know about the signs that will indicate whether or not you are managing your calendar…
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Traveling With Makeup: Business Trip Tips and Hacks

When traveling for business, it’s pretty common to have a meeting soon after landing. Now, there are some women who will show up to the airport with a full face of makeup and meeting-attire clothes on. I am not one of them.  I like to travel fresh-faced (especially on early morning flights) and or this…
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8 Facets of a Leader’s Weekend

Thomas Jefferson said that any person who never loses any time would have the occasion to complain about the want of time. He added that if we are always doing, then we can accomplish so much. What is the reason behind a leader’s weekend being different? Here are eight reasons that I have seen that…
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Workplace Wellness Hacks for Every Woman

At one point or another, you’ve probably felt stressed or overwhelmed at work. Whether it stems from a fear of being laid off or from the pressure to meet certain deadlines, it’s normal for many employees to feel anxiety in their existing career. Despite the commonality shared, these concerns are often swept under the rug…
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Top Personal Finance Apps of 2019 & Beyond

We understand that learning ways to efficiently manage money is certainly an essential life skill. It is of pivotal importance to know the fundamentals of money management. Having a sound knowledge of ways to manage your debt, loans, mortgages, budgets, investing, and insurance, etc. will be certainly facilitating your future. Managing your finances could prove…
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Decorations At Your Office Desk

Top 10 Decorations To Have At Your Boring Office Desk

A dull office desk can instantly put you in a lazy and unmotivated mood. Thinking of ways to spruce up your personal space can do wonders in the long run, that’s why changing and adding a few items helps.  #1: The Jar Of Gratefulness Studies show that being grateful drastically changes the way a person…
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Prioritization: The Secret Leaders Use to Get Things Done

Prioritization is the key secret ingredient that leaders use to get things done. See some tips that you can utilize today to help prioritize your tasks.


A Must-Have Packing Checklist for Business Trips

Business trips can be vital for one’s job and career, but in order to make them pleasant, you need to look your best. Now, looking your best for work-related occasions and a fun night out isn’t the same thing, but with a bit of effort, it can be achieved. The most important thing is to…
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