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Thriving as a Female Entrepreneur in the 21st Century!

~by Donya Zimmerman~ As a female entrepreneur, you must learn to discover the “true you”. You cannot be like anyone else if you want to have a thriving business. You must know your niche and how to get your message across to your ideal customers. Being a “true entrepreneur” involves being genuine, unique and different. The…
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Answer the Phone!

~by Haley Gray~ If I can give any entrepreneur one piece of advice, it is to answer the phone. You need to have a consistent way to answer all of the calls you get, and follow up on those calls. Ditto for emails that you may receive. Every time you get an email or phone…
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How I Became a Best-Selling Author

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ One of the more interesting things I did this past year was to write and publish a book. I used Best Seller Publishing, and wrote a book called Choosing a Caregiver – Expect the Best & Know How to Ask for It. In my book I provide information that I wish…
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