Category: Time Management & Priorities

I Am A Sandwich

My generation is frequently referred to as the sandwich generation, with one generation of small children at home, responsibility for caring for ailing parents, and the need to work full time in the face of pensions that have long gone by the wayside.  Right now, I am a sandwich.  I am THE sandwich stuffing in…
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Sometimes I Just Fire On The Cylinders I Have

Sometimes my life is really, truly overwhelming.  This week is one of those weeks.  I’m in the process of getting my dad moved to a different place to live because his condition has declined rather quickly.  While I’m doing that, we’re working on engaging hospice.  I’m also working with my daughters on a Girl Scout…
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Multitasking is an Illusion

                              One thing that people constantly comment about me is that I am a master multitasker.  In reality, I do not multitask.  I’m a lousy multitasker.  In reality, multitasking is an illusion for most humans. There are perhaps a few people…
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