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Powerful Women in the Beauty Industry

Business Advice from 10 Powerful Women in the Beauty Industry

Check out this infographic for some amazing advice from women who have defined the last century of the beauty industry, and those who are going to define the next.

Women at Workpalce

Tips for Improving Workplace Culture for Women

From Wall Street to Silicon Valley, many HR management and team leaders are making an effort to improve workplace culture for women. But as they strive to dispel the “old boys’ club” environments of the past, many are realizing the task is more involved than simply hiring more women. To help HR management and team…
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Indra Nooyi

Lady Boss Lessons

I’m sure you’ve noticed the rise of the Lady Boss in your life. SO many women are becoming empowered and becoming leaders in our country. Here are a few great role models to go by. Here are a few Lady Boss Lessons from our friends at FTD. Please include attribution to with this graphic.

Woman Holding Cup

How To Be An Alpha Woman In All Aspects Of Your Life

The term “alpha” is thrown around a lot, and we tend to categorize both men and women as either “alpha” or “beta.” However, we’d argue that “alpha” is a sliding spectrum; some people might be born as alphas, some people might grow into alpha-dom as they get older and more experienced, and there are also…
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The Secret Morning Routine Of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

Everywhere we look, there are entrepreneurs who’ve made their millions (and billions), which definitely makes them more than highly successful. Naturally, a lot of people would like a taste of that success, which is why there are so many tips and advice that let you get a glimpse into the world of super-rich people, and…
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How to Choose Accessories for Your Business Attire

When you’re getting ready to see your friends, you’ll grab the earrings and the layered necklace you’re most fond of, no internal monologue, no second-guessing, no time wasted. You know what you’re in the mood for, you already know your wardrobe well enough and you know how to mix and match. Then this new job…
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5 Female-Led Podcasts All Girl Bosses Should Listen To

Being a fearless female entrepreneur or girl boss doesn’t always come easy. Whether you’re putting the hours in at a startup, or climbing up the corporate ladder, we could all do with some help and encouragement from time to time. Podcasts are a brilliant way to find a network of supportive and creative women who…
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How To Be a Powerful Woman Entrepreneur in a Start-Up

Being involved in a start-up faces its own fair share of challenges. However, an effective and powerful woman entrepreneur in a start-up is a whole other arena. Unfortunately, there’s a significant gap between women vs. men run start-ups. For example, it was reported that out of 200 tech startups that ranked for GeekWire this year,…
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How a Road Trip Makes You a Better Leader

Thinking back from the road trips we have taken, we may not see right away the major takeaways. Maybe you had to change your own tire, or got lost and had to ask the local citizens of a town you have never been in for directions. Changing your own tire is a lesson in adapting…
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5 Female-led Brands That Are Empowering Women Around The World

aders come in all shapes and sizes — but powerful women spearheading innovative female-led brands is an inspiring business trend we’ve seen more of in the last few years.