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Shaming Phrases All Working Moms Are Tired of Hearing

7 Shaming Phrases All Working Moms Are Tired of Hearing

Even today, when women have equal rights to men, women still have to fight for the society’s approval of their life choices. The scenario of the traditional family role division, where the father brings home the bread and mother stays at home with children is still perceived as the only “right” way by a great number of people.

Three Ways Professionals Can Survive Work on a Newborn Sleep Schedule

Having a newborn is a wonderful blessing. There’s no doubt about it. The soft, cozy cuddles, the cooing sounds, and the endless procession of cute faces can be too much to handle sometimes. Becoming a parent for the first time (or even again after a long break) can be an incredible adventure, but it’s not…
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Biggest Health Mistakes Working Moms Make

For mothers, establishing a work-life balance can be a juggling act. Being a working mom is like working a double shift; the second you finish one, you’re on to the other, and the cycle never seems to end. Given the busyness of your role, maintaining your health may take a backseat. When it comes to…
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You Might Be A Working Parent If….

Here are some signs that you might be a working parent: You use your sick and vacation time all on the kids’ sick days. Your professional wardrobe selections are made based on their ability to hide various shades of slime.  Note- Patterns=good. You have ever had to mute yourself on a conference call because the…
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7 Working Mom Trade-Offs for Survival and Sanity

It’s true.  You cannot have it all.  There really are only 24 hours in a day.  I do not possess a time machine.  Nor am I crazy.  Thus it is necessary to have some working mom trade-offs for survival, sanity, and thriving in this crazy environment.  Many of these tips will apply to Stay at…
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5 Tips for Working Parent Balance

As a working mom with four kids, Balance is a never-ending challenge.  I have demands constantly pulling me in every single direction.  There is my job, my school work, four needy kids, my ailing father, Girl Scouts, Church, and -oh yeah- me.  I’m not wonder-woman.  I will say that over and over again.  I am…
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How to Eat an Elephant, OR How to Get Things Done

~by Haley Lynn Gray~ . As you might have guessed, I am not really talking about having elephant as a meal. Maybe you’ve heard that joke about how to eat an elephant? The answer: You eat an elephant one bite at a time. It’s good advice, not just for eating an elephant, but also for…
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My Kids, The Sociology Experiment

Being a parent is one long sociology experiment.  I’d say that is particularly true if you have middle or high school kids in your house.  In some cultures, there is a high degree of competitiveness, and a desire and drive to be the best students, and achieve the most in school. That does not seem…
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7 Working Mom Survival Tools

There don’t seem to be many places where I can look up a list of tools that other moms have tried and use for their day to day survival.  This includes simple things like sending cards for birthdays, ordering birthday gifts, communication tips, calendar tools, childcare, and backup childcare options.    I’m the kind of…
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Parenting is a Full-time Job. Is it Time for Help?

~by Meg Powell~ Parenting these days is a full time job. If you are a mother and have ever felt that you just couldn’t get it all done, you are not alone. Between working and managing your household, managing the various activities of the children, homework, providing meals, cleaning up and returning all the weekly…
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