Celebrate the Lives of Great African American Business Leaders

Celebrate the Lives of Great African American Business Leaders

African American Business Leaders

~by Lance Jones,
Chief at Safe & Secure Worldwide Protection Group~


The time has come to move change forward.

We can no longer be satisfied with being job takers. We must now become job makers!

Join the 10,000 fearless business entrepreneurs!

We are building black business leaders through increased entrepreneurship.

African American Business LeadersHear, learn and be inspired by black men in business such as Mr. S.B. Fuller, Mr. Joe L. Dudley, Mr. George Fraiser, Johnson and Johnson, and many more!

10,000 African Americans and blacks from throughout the world are meeting at the convention center in Winston Salem, NC for a weekend that will absolutely change your life and change the way a nation views people of African descent. 

We will also recognize local and national black business owners and you will learn how to begin and/or grow your business to new heights. 

You will and must learn the principles of FAITH NEEDED in business! 

You will meet and be taught business principles from business owners who started from nothing and now make millions of dollars!

Join me for a special black tie affair as we plan to build your museum to show the world what black people have really done in and for American business, and now, will continue to do more of.

No more business as usual!

Join me as we give away 100,000 S.B. Fuller Business and Economic Books to 100 Historically Black Colleges around the country and to prepare black children to graduate and become entrepreneurs who can then give back financially to their schools and communities.

We must effect change!

African American Business LeadersWe will celebrate the 80th birthday of Mr. Joe L. Dudley Sr., of Dudley hair products, with a formal black tie affair and dinner.

I’m asking you to be present, join us, as this is a historic event born in the American south to change the economic landscape of a people.

We must make jobs for ourselves.

So, please register now at Eventbrite. Click the link below and be counted as one of the 10,000!

Click below now and Help me Help Us! Choose your ticket!

Sponsor a table for the high school, college age students, and new entrepreneurs.

Let’s go viral! 

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Eventbrite link: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/joe-l-dudley-sr-80th-birthday-celebration-fuller-dudley-entrepreneurship-museum-fundraiser-gala-tickets-29361779874?discount=G029-LANCE

About Joe L. Dudley Sr.

Joe L. Dudley Sr. was born and raised in a one-bedroom house along with his 11 brothers and sisters. Labeled mentally retarded as a young man growing up on a farm, he was forced to overcome many challenges in order to be successful. He credits his mother with inspiring him to prove to the world that he was just as able as anyone else by challenging him to “show them Joe”. He went on to become one of the largest manufacturers of black hair products in the world called Dudley Hair Care Products.


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