I have started challenging myself in the last couple of years to really expand my influence and make a difference in the world.  I have long been a Girl Scout Leader, and this is my 11th year in that capacity, but I wanted to do MORE.  So, I started really working with the kids to identify great community service projects.  Then I started looking at what I was doing with my career, and where I was going.  Some of that was a natural part of getting my MBA, and some of it had to do with seeing my parents aging, and dying.  Tough times, to be sure, but what was I going to do with myself.  So, I decided to see about expanding my influence, and making the world a better place.

I started looking at what skills I possess, and which skills I do not possess in abundance, and decided on a business venture which showcases my strengths.  I hired people, and found a great partner who is strong where I am weak, so it is a great match.  I also wanted to do business a bit differently than had been done before. We decided to start a home care business, in addition to the Care Patrol Franchise we bought.  We wanted to pay people a little bit better, and actually offer benefits.  Treat people how they deserve to be treated.  Make them feel cherished.  That goes for both our clients and our caregivers.  We also encourage our employees to improve themselves, and get a higher level of education, and more skills, so that they can work themselves into a better career track.  This also allows them to make more money than before, and hopefully raise themselves out of poverty, and improving the middle class.  It’s just my way of expanding my influence, and making the world a better place.

Why do this?  Quite simply, why not?  Find people who will work with me, and work hard.  Treat them well, and they will treat you well.  I don’t need to extract every single dollar out of them, because I realize that part of the way to get the business to grow is by word of mouth.  We will get more clients, and more caregivers if we do the right things.  It also means that I’ll be able to go to sleep at night, knowing that I did the right thing.  In the end, it’s between God and me, and I realize that is important too.

But seriously, why not try to expand your influence and make the world a better place?  Why wouldn’t you?  Why not step up, and make a difference?  No matter how small, you have to start somewhere.  Otherwise, aren’t you just existing? What’s the point in that?