I have a challenge for everyone who reads this blog:  Support your local businesses, especially the small ones.  I make a point of bringing business to local businesses for a variety of reasons.    As we start gearing up for the holidays for this year, why not buy local gifts?  Support your local small businesses!

3 Reasons to Support your Local Businesses

  1. You are putting money back into your local economy.  – Your hard-earned money will go straight into the pocket of someone local, and they will be able to raise their families, take them to local restaurants, and generally fuel the local economy.
  2. You are frequently getting products of a better quality.  My local travel agent is amazing, and provides personalized service.  My favorite chocolate shop produces a product that is quite simply superior to mass produced products.
  3. You are creating local jobs.  In addition to the business owners, if you help the business grow, by supporting it regularly, the business will likely grow.  That may mean more jobs.  Which means lower unemployment.

My Favorite Local Businesses in the Triangle

  • Escazu Chocolates produce some of the most amazing chocolates from bean to bar.  The quality of the product is impossible to beat, and the cost is very attractive as well.
  • DWB Vacations is my preferred travel agent.  I’ve thrown some insane requests at Crystal, and she’s come through every time.  Cruise for 17 at Christmas on short notice?  Oh yes, we also need a handicapped accessible stateroom!  She came through with flying colors every single time.
  • Second Empire Restaurant is a lovely fine dining restaurant.  The menu varies seasonally.  I could go just for the cheese and the desserts though.
  • Dos Taquitos is my favorite Mexican food joint.  There are all sorts of interesting things hanging from the ceiling, and the decor has to be seen to be believed.  To say it is eclectic would be to put it mildly.
  • The Jewel Smith is an iconic local jeweler near Duke.  Their jewelry is handcrafted, and beautiful.  They also consistently win a ton of awards.
  • Stonehaven is another small, local jeweler.  Ron has won a number of prestigious awards for his designs.
  • The Wine Merchant is a small local vintner.  They have some great choices, including “Josh” which is a lovely, inexpensive Cab.  They have some great high end choices too, so just work your way on through.

Why not try a local business, and support the local economy while you’re at it?  What are your favorite local businesses?  How do you support your local businesses?