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~by Rachelle Wilber~.

The term “office party” can conjure images of lackluster break-room gatherings or stuffy dinners. However, office parties can provide valuable opportunities for you and your employees. There are several compelling reasons for having an office party.

New Perspective

Office parties can provide new perspectives on your employees. Seeing people in a social setting provides a new perspective on their personalities and behavior. This can be valuable later as new tasks emerge or assignments change. You can learn even more about your team by allowing them to bring guests. Sometimes seeing your teammates with their families can provide insights into their personalities.

Change in Scenery

Getting away from the office can provide a relaxing atmosphere for everyone. Sometimes just moving the party to a different venue can change the mood of the event and remove some of the corporate aspects of the event. Holding the party at a nearby restaurant puts everyone from the most senior employee to the newest intern on an even playing field. Professionals at Event Venues know that you may also want to consider holding the event at a local museum or sports event. The change in atmosphere can provide plenty of material for conversation which helps the party atmosphere.

Positive Reinforcement

Office parties can also help provide important signals to the team. Having the party in a nice venue with good food can signal that the company is doing well. It also conveys a message that the employees are valued. Conversely, a party that has been thrown together in a haphazard manner can send a message that the employees aren’t very important to the company and leadership team. Careful planning can ensure that your event conveys the right message to your employees.

Face Time

It’s very easy to avoid seeing employees and co-workers face to face. Most of us are so focused on our daily tasks that we don’t talk to others in person very often. Much of the work is completed in relative isolation. The “water cooler” doesn’t really exist in many offices anymore, so there are fewer socialization opportunities. As a result, spending time with co-workers or employees is something of an anomaly. Just having the opportunity to put faces to the names on emails or the voices on the phone can improve overall employee morale. Office parties can even serve as a form of team building and increase productivity.

As you can see, there are multiple reasons for throwing office parties. They can provide insight into your employees and boost morale. By having a social event in a different setting, you can see your employees in a new way and let them know that their presence is valued.

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