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With the rapid changes in technology, the World Wide Web has also evolved exponentially to accommodate the growing demands of the customers. There has been a marked shifted from desktop to mobile usage with 4.18 billion users accessing the Internet from their smartphones. Likewise, there are over 3.8 billion users worldwide with an active social media account. Knowing about these statistics and facts can help online business owners to make changes that are aligned with user expectations, which, in turn, can help them boost their revenue.

For instance, from the above mobile usage statistics, business owners can clearly understand the importance of making their website responsive if they want to stay ahead of the competition. Likewise, with the huge number of people on social media, if businesses are not leveraging the various social media platforms to boost brand awareness and generate traffic, then they are losing out on more than just revenue.

Statistics and facts about the Internet play a key role in understanding the growing digital trends. It helps business owners to tweak their existing website according to these changes to improve its performance. It enables them to employ the best marketing practices that will help accelerate their digital growth. More importantly, it provides them with valuable insights on how the World Wide Web is evolving and why they need to conform to these guidelines to grow in the online world.

The below infographic is a comprehensive guide that highlights the latest Internet statistics and facts. From a web search, SEO, and blogging to eCommerce, Cybersecurity, and Internet advertising trends, this infographic covers all important data that can help business owners to take their business to the next level.

Thus, check out the infographic for more details, and for reference purposes, you can also download it for free!