Convert Instagram Followers Into Customers For Business Revenue Increases

Convert Instagram Followers Into Customers For Business Revenue Increases

Perhaps one of the most important factors that will determine how successful your Instagram marketing efforts are is converting your Instagram followers into your potential, if not loyal customers. This is because it is the customers who go from followers to loyal customers who drive the bottom line and profitability of your business.

Therefore, you will need to know the best ways to convert your Instagram followers into your customers. There are lots of ways you can do that, either by your own efforts or by taking help from experts like Blastup or anyone of its like.

Get Expert Help

You can check out different blog posts and articles on the Internet for a comprehensive guide to getting more followers for your business Instagram. There are several bloggers and even a lot of Instagram influencers who share their experiences, knowledge, and skills through their blogs. You will be better off when you follow their tips and advice.

Alternatively, you can hire professional marketers to do it for you. They will help you in lots of ways such as:

  • To know your target audience and their choice and demands so that you can design your marketing objectives and operation to deliver them with exactly what they want
  • To know your target market and it’s current trends that you should follow and also the upcoming trends that you need to be aware of and plan for in advance
  • To follow the best practices in Instagram so that you can raise the level of trust among your target audience and keep up with the requirements of Instagram and its algorithm
  • To follow the best ways in which you can gain more new followers, raise the level of engagement and chances of conversion and sales
  • To integrate Instagram with your other forms of marketing to make the best out of the social media platforms by posting your content across all available social media networks and lots more.

In short, the professional marketing experts will help you in all aspects of Instagram as well as other forms of marketing to ensure that you present your product, brand, and message in the best possible way and gain the highest return on your investments.

Converting Instagram followers into customers 

No matter how you intend to do it, perhaps one of the fastest ways to gain more Instagram followers and to convert them into your prospective customers is to simply ask them! This does not mean you have to go all out and ask them to become your followers or customers directly. You will need to follow the best practices on Instagram just as the other businesses do.

Once you establish and gain a dedicated Instagram follower base, you will need to start converting those followers into your paying customers. For this you will need to follow some specific strategies that are tried and tested to time. Here are some of those proven strategies.

  • Offering promotions: One of the greatest ways to drive more sales firsthand is to offer promotions, deals, BOGOs, discounts, and other offerings to your customers and your Instagram audience. However, to make sure that your offers and promotions do not go waste it is recommended that you include everything in your offer that your followers need to do to get those offers. Another useful practice is to mention a deadline for your offers to be valid. This will create a sense of urgency among your Instagram audience to use that offer and make it a hit.
  • Hold contests: Another useful way to gain more followers, larger sales volumes and even generate more names for your email list. This is also a great way to collect User Generated Contents (UGCs) that you can use later to repost and gain more followers and their trust for your brand. Ideally, there is no better way to make a follower your prospective customer than by allowing them to try your product. Therefore, make it a point that you run a contest that will require a user to follow your account first or to post with a relevant hashtag to enter.
  • Focus on charity: According to research, it is found that more than 81% of millennials expect the companies that they favor to make a public commitment and considerable donations to charity. This also increases the level of trust among them. When the companies commit to charity, it builds the affinity of the followers for that specific brand. This eventually helps the businesses to turn their followers into their potential customers. This will help you to raise funds as well as the chances of your sales volumes.
  • Create teasers: The Instagram platform is a great one to show your audience the glimpses of new products even before they are made available to the general public. This will make them feel privileged and increase the chances of them making a purchase from you once it is in the sale on the market. However, make sure that you do not spam the feed of your followers with only the photos of the product because that is the last thing that they want and will soon unfollow you as a result. The best way to build excitement and increase the chances of a sale is to post only a few images with incomplete information along with it. This will create an urge in your followers to visit your site to know more, thereby increasing the number of organic traffic to it.
  • Consider live launches: You should always use Instagram Live Video feature to showcase your new product or service. This will help you to showcase it in a better way and also create urgency in them to make a purchase by driving the users by including a purchase link in your bio.

Finally, don’t forget to leverage the link in your Instagram bio as well as the Instagram Story Highlights. These will connect your Instagram followers to your website, blog, and product pages.

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Walter Moore is a notable management consultant and digital marketing expert. He is an experienced digital marketer and has helped e-commerce businesses in all niches gain with his effective marketing strategies and guidance.


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