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~by Ryan Duffy~

It is a well-known fact that one of the most important aspects of owning a business is that it needs to be promoted to a high standard. In this day and age, there are numerous channels available to allow business owners to do this. However, the majority of these methods are not cheap – and if a business owner wants to keep high profit margins, then they have to make sure that the methods they utilize are cost-effective.

Promotional Products

When it comes to promoting your business, there are plenty of low-cost products which can be used as a medium to get your brand message across. There is a wide variety of products that can be used such as clothing, pens, wristbands, or key rings. These are all a wonderful alternative to the usual items that are handed out or sent to people – such as flyers. This is because if you just give a potential customer a flyer, they are likely to take one look at it, then put it in the recycling bin. Whereas, when given one of the other items, they are more likely to make use of it, which means your brand will get more exposure.

Social Media

In this digital age, there is little doubt that social media is one of the most cost-effective ways to promote your business. The reason for this is that it is free to set up, very easy to use, and has the potential to reach millions of customers. With there being a number of different platforms available, any business owner will be able to find a platform which is suitable for them. For example, a restaurant can use YouTube and a video maker to showcase some of their food-making skills, and a car dealership can use Facebook marketplace to sell some of their products.

Word of Mouth

This is a method of promotion through which certain businesses can be built. The idea is to get the word out about your business to influencers who can inform other people about what your business is and what it does. The issue with it can come with not having any control about what people are saying. So relying solely on this method of promotion may not be a good idea as they could potentially be saying bad things about the business – which certainly won’t be good promotion.

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