9 Crowd Funding Guidelines for Female Entrepreneurs

"9 Crowd Funding Guidelines for Female Entrepreneurs" Funding

~by Rayanne Dany~

Being a woman, you’re aware that you’re up against overwhelming odds when you decide to pursue any profession. This is especially the case when women are looking for investors. Many investors are almost always reluctant to invest in a female-led startup company.

Looking for investors isn’t the only way you can get the money. You can also try crowd funding. Crowd funding is a way which has traditionally been easier for women looking for investors. It helps to make your presence known across various platforms and to gather support and awareness for your projects. That way, you also gain a name for yourself and the public is aware of your actions and future business goals.

Crowd Funding

Here are a few ways you can use crowd funding to gain popularity.

1. Landing Page

Before you start a campaign, make sure you have a website or web page devoted to your cause. People looking for information are most likely to start there. Make sure you use convincing words and explain your cause in a well-detailed and interactive manner.

2. Research your Platform

There are a variety of platforms existing in the web geared towards crowd funding. Choose one which is suitable for your campaign. It’s better if the platform is especially dedicated to your field and receives good traffic. Look at the benefits and the services you can expect. You also have to decide on a method, such as reward based or equity. Don’t forget to consider your personal security and the targeted audience.

3. Look at your Competitors

Look at what you’re up against and how your competitors are making things work. Familiarize yourself with the process. To judge from a funder’s point of view, look for a cause you’re willing to donate to. Which methods sway you? Also, look for limitations of the campaigns that need some improvement.

4. Social Media

Social media is the best medium to gather a strong network of followers. Your social media contact list normally consists of your friends and family; that’s where the majority of your funding often comes from. They are your primary supporters; you can make them aware and keep them updated through social media platforms. Ask them for assistance spreading the word about your campaign, and within no time, you’ll have a vast gathering of followers.

5. Go out into the Public

People like to see the face behind a campaign. Do not disregard traditional methods of crowd funding completely. Publicize your cause at different events and connect with the people. Get like-minded people to support you by speaking about other causes you support. People who also support those causes will feel more connected with you and your efforts.

6. Effectively Communicate

Effective communication is the key to gathering followers to your cause. Keep them regularly updated on new happenings and your latest breakthroughs. Even if you have nothing new to report, find a way to keep your audience engaged by sharing related content. Don’t blindside your campaign. Grab the attention of your crowd by sharing your business plans and having a unique design layout which speaks for itself.

7. Share Your Goals

By speaking about what you hope to achieve and communicating your goals and mission, you have a better chance of reaching the audience and showing them that you are heading somewhere. It also makes you appear more organized and passionate. Execute your plans in such a way that your audience understands what you’re up to.

8. Make a Video Campaign

Video is the best way to communicate with the audience, and there are many hidden and unspoken rules about this. Make sure it’s short and straight to the point. Three minutes is the regular marker. Your audience should know what you’re talking about after the first minute.

9. Target Other Women

Women tend to be more sympathetic towards another woman’s cause; it’s like a built-in mechanism. It’s because they generally have a better understanding than men do of the hardships and difficulties women face in their professions. However, make sure you specifically speak out to men at some point as well.

.By speaking out to the public, you escape the general prejudice held against women startup businesses. Don’t get me wrong, the bias might still be there, but by generating a large enough following, it ceases to matter. Being a woman, you can expect other women to understand and put themselves in your shoes. It’s also good to reach out to your colleagues, famil,y and friends. Make yourself sound convincing enough to persuade others to support your cause.

Meet the Author: Rayanne Dany

Rayanne Dany is presently managing her small business firm, True Assignment Help. She loves writing and wants to continue exploring other writing domains.


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