Yesterday my children about drive me into orbit. There were points in the day where I was nearly in tears.  Then they decided to switch their acts around, and behave like angel children today, and things were so much better. How much better?  Well, my younger daughter finished the project, and turned in the final paperwork for her Girl Scout Silver Award.  Some days are breakthroughs.  Teaching responsibility, leadership, and follow-through on significant projects, those are the breakthroughs.  I am proud of her for completing the project and turning in the paperwork finally.

Her project was to build a couple of platforms for Maggie the Bobcat at Carolina Tiger Rescue.  She built one with fire hose on the platform, and one that was a taller platform that Maggie can climb and look about.  She also added a boomer ball in an appropriate size, and a spool as well.  We sprayed them with perfume as we added them to the enclosure.  I consider it an accomplishment.

Some days are great, some not-so-great.  Life has a way of being that way.

What about you?  What are your breakthroughs?