Defy Stereotypes

Defy Stereotypes

It’s human nature to make snap judgments about one another, based on appearance, accent, gender, sexual orientation, religion, and so on.  Sometimes those stereotypes are true.  In general, women are physically less “strong” than men.  But being a woman does not mean that somehow I am less good at math, science, or other topics.  I challenge every reader of this blog to defy stereotypes and prove that they are not necessarily true.

How to Defy Stereotypes- Some Ideas

  • Just because you’re male does not mean that you are somehow lacking in the nurturing department.  You are fully capable of taking care of your children, changing diapers, and otherwise being a parent.  And no, you are not “babysitting” your own children.  
  • If you’re a woman engineer- you’re in the minority.  Show kids that it is possible to become an engineer, and show them how to get there.  Encourage all kids- but girls especially- to remain strong in math and science skills.  Studies have shown that girls are on par with boys early on in their education, but fall behind by college.  This is a shame, since we have a shortage of engineers in this country, and are neglecting nearly half of our population by failing to get girls engaged.  (Girls make up only about 10% of engineering classes)
  • Just because someone speaks with a particular accent does not make them uneducated or slow.  I’ve seen this assumption quite a bit about southerners, and people who speak with a southern accent.  Just because a person’s rate of speech sounds slower does not mean that they are less intelligent.  Take a second to step back and question those assumptions about people.

I encourage you to question stereotypes.  Find ways to defy stereotypes, and show that they are not all.  Chances are you, yourself can help put them away for good.

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