Does IncNow Have Good Customer Support?


Despite the fact that you delegate all filing routines to a chosen legal assistant when launching a new business with an online LLC service, good customer support is a key aspect all clients consider. Knowing that there is always someone who is in touch with you and ready to answer any arising questions or provide ongoing help gives peace of mind and some sort of confidence, not to mention that quality customer support showcases an overall high professional level of any service. Plan to hire IncNow and not sure how strong they are in this aspect? Let’s puzzle it out. 

What Is IncNow LLC Service?

Straight off the reel, IncNow is a bit different from many other online legal providers available on the modern market. While most services are nationwide and cover the whole US territory, IncNow is a Delaware LLC formation service, which means it operates only in the state of Delaware. Though it’s a sort of limiting factor for many businessmen from other states, if you are going to create your LLC in Delaware, IncNow is among the best options to go for. Here is why. 

Established in 1974, the company boasts huge experience not only in the business formation industry but in the legal field overall. They know their onions and are true experts in what they are doing. Founded by a professional attorney over 40 years ago, today, the company is a family-run business still managed by certified legal advisors. So, what they offer is high proficiency at all levels and reliable local experience that can’t be overlooked, especially by those who have plans for growing their business in the state of Delaware.

IncNow Major Values

To find out all Incnow’s pros and cons in detail, you can check the in-depth IncNow review that covers comprehensive company info and all ins and outs of opening Delaware LLCs with them. Meanwhile, we suggest taking a quick look at some key values and selling points of this service. 

Reliable Local Expertise

As a state-specific service operating in Delaware for decades, IncNow is aware of all the problems and pitfalls new business entities might encounter on their way as well as of all the benefits of running the business in this state. And company specialists are ready to share their knowledge with you to help you avoid some problems and make the best use of the state laws. As such, they are capable of not only giving your business the right start but also of maintaining it all the way after. 

Flexible IncNow LLC Packages

Backed by multiple years of business activity and having worked with many different customers within those years, IncNow specialists have put every effort to create pricing packages that target various types of entrepreneurs and match varying business situations. Overall, IncNow offers three pricing plans: 

  • Basic LLC: As the name suggests, it covers the essentials such as the name availability search, Articles of Organization, and registered agent service. This will cost you $99 + state fees. Note, though, that if you physically reside in Delaware and can serve as a registered agent on your own, you can pay only $9 for the IncNow formation service, which is a hard-to-complete rate.
  • Complete LLC: At $208, you’ll get the basic package services and a professionally prepared operating agreement template on 20 pages along with a bundle of LLC-related IRS and corporate forms. 
  • Now LLC: At $259, they deliver a complete package expanded with email document service and expedite turnaround time. IncNow will form your business within a single day, which is a real saver for entrepreneurs in a hurry. 

At a glance, IncNow services are not the cheapest out there. However, striving for their customers’ loyalty, the company provides a permanent $50 discount for their top-tier packages you can get via a special coupon available on their website. Besides, Delawareans can start their business almost for free when serving as their own registered agents. 

A Wealth of Add-ons

Formation services aside, IncNow has a whole range of other valuable services down their sleeve that solidly sets them apart from the competition. Those add-ons are aimed at helping you maintain and grow your business after formation. To name a few, IncNow offers EIN acquisition, foreign qualification registration, dissolution services, assistance in document amendments, compliance services, corporate stuff, and more. 

IncNow Customer Support

With thousands of businesses formed from the day they opened their doors, IncNow boasts a strong reputation and continues to prove its proficiency on a daily basis. If you check IncNow reviews online on Trustpilot and other reliable platforms, you’ll see multiple positive comments from their happy customers. And one of the noticeable company strengths specified by many clients is quality customer support.  

Established and run by experienced professionals, this LLC service is focused on providing top-notch assistance to their customers at all stages of both business formation and further business maintenance. They practice a customer-centered approach keeping a close eye on the individual business needs of each client. So, the IncNow’s Service Department comprises helpful and knowledgeable specialists always eager to help. And whatever LLC service package you choose to set up your business, you’ll have access to excellent IncNow customer support. 

Unlike many rival services, IncNow has no extended support hours. On the other hand, they don’t outsource client service and their help reps always stay in touch within regular working hours on weekdays. You can easily call them any time and get detailed answers to all your questions or every bit of advice you need. More than that, the company specialists will readily help you, no matter when you’ve set up your LLC. 

Apart from responsive IncNow customer service, the company website abounds in all types of valuable information. In a Resource section, you can find answers to the most frequently asked business-related questions as well as helpful data on taxation, compliance, and financial issues, different business types and structures, and why operating in Delaware is beneficial. 

Bottom Line

Not suitable for each and every entrepreneur, IncNow is a winning choice for anyone planning to do business in Delaware. Backed by extensive expertise and knowing all the dos and don’ts of local business, IncNow will form your business in a legitimate manner and help you lawfully run it in the state. Premium customer support is their obvious forte along with high professionalism, customer-focused approach, and an impressively wide range of services provided.


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