Don’t Forget to Take These Security Measures Before Going Online

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The world is evolving rapidly courtesy of developments in technology. It is now easier to communicate and complete transactions worldwide with only the click of a button. The overall result is increased convenience and reduced cost of doing business, since little or no travelling is required. However, these advancements have come with a fair share of challenges. Cybercrimes are increasing. Hacking has become a real threat. A good example is when Equifax was hacked, and the personal data belonging to more than 100 million people was compromised. These unfortunate happenings risk the integrity of data and online transactions. It is for this reason that your organisations need to come up with robust cybersecurity measures. Some of these measures have been discussed below.

Installing Authentic Antivirus Software

Every computer network needs to be secured. Criminals have found a new heaven on the Internet. Viruses are being developed in a bid to attack computer systems. Viruses can delete data, interfere with data, and extract useful information from others. Thus, antivirus software is a must for any computer network which is connected to the Internet. It adds extra security to that provided by anti-malware. An antivirus acts as a barrier which defends the network form attacks which might come into the system. It detects and removes viruses. Moreover, an antivirus has the capacity of scanning and filtering harmful downloads and emails. An excellent example of an antivirus is Kaspersky Total Security.

Establishment of Complex Passwords Don’t Forget to Take These Security Measures Before Going Online 1

Computers and other digital devices require keys for accessing them. Such keys are known as passwords, and they prevent these networks from unauthorized access. Passwords need to be sophisticated and not easily guessed. When you are developing security questions, do not develop straightforward questions which a third party might be able to answer. Require passwords which are not susceptible to any social engineering. Spaces and special characters are useful tools for keeping the hackers off. Additionally, you need to use a combination of upper and lower cases and other symbols which a hacker cannot easily guess.

Protection of the Firewall

Nowadays, there is a lot of online traffic advertisers are putting a lot of messages on websites. Most of these information appears even without the authority of the user of the website. It is worth noting that hackers use these platforms to advance their criminal activities. Having a robust firewall will prevent such information from appearing on your computer or any other digital device without your authorization. A secure firewall will assist your computer by blocking them. It is one of the services offered by Stickman.

Installing an encryption software

A lot of transactions are done online. You might find yourself dealing with credit cards, online bank accounts, and social security card numbers. This information can be used to devastating effect if it is accessed by criminals. Such a system needs a lot of protection, since a slight mistake can expose a lot of money to lose. As such, encryption is required. Encryption works by altering the information stored in your networks into unreadable codes. In such a scenario, even if your data gets stolen, the hacker cannot read it. He or she needs to decrypt, it which is very difficult. As such, your data will be safe even when in wrong hands.

Ignoring suspicious emails

Emails have become a significant mode of online communication. Organizations and individuals are using emails to pass and store information among themselves safely. However, not all emails which appear in your inbox are safe. To avoid getting trapped by these hackers, never open any suspicious email even if it seems to come from a familiar source. Additionally, never click on the links in such emails. Also, never download any attachments in these emails. Opening such emails and links might make you a victim of online theft and scams. You need to enhance the security of your email further by changing the password every sixty days. Always log out of digital devices after you are done to prevent unauthorized access.

Limit access to critical data Don’t Forget to Take These Security Measures Before Going Online 2

Crucial information should be left to high ranking officials in a company or trusted individuals. Such individuals include the Chief Executive Officer and senior managers. Any organisation needs to have a plan on who should have access to what so that if anything goes wrong, there is someone to account for it.

Engage In Regular Back Ups

Data needs to be backed up at least on a weekly basis. However, it is advisable to do so on a daily basis. This can be achieved using external hard drive or cloud computing. Ensure that you have automated backups which can be accessed in case of need arises. That way, even if your systems are hacked or damaged, you can easily access your data.

Secure All Your Wi-Fi Networks

It is advisable to use WPA2 (Wi-Fi Protected Access version 2) since it is more secure. Keep on changing the name of the wireless access and have a secure password for anyone who wants to access it. That way, you will keep hackers at bay.

Don’t Forget to Take These Security Measures Before Going Online 3Ensure That You Secure your Laptops And Smartphones

These are the most commonly used access gadgets for networks. Ensure that they have safe passwords and are properly kept to ensure that they cannot be stolen. They handle a lot of information, and thus their security is paramount. Never let unauthorised persons access them.

Continuous Communication Of Your Cyber Security Policies To All Your Employees

Employees are critical in ensuring that you meet your cybersecurity goals. As such, they need to be educated on the need of having secure networks. Ensure that they have all the details concerning having strong passwords, their level of access, how to safely keep their gadgets, and how to report suspicious issues concerning your networks. This exercise needs to be carried out continuously. You need to protect your online security like this for your data to be safe.


All in all, it is advisable to ensure that you have secure networks. Any leakage of information is a risk to your organisation or private data. Always keep proper security plans in place. Engage in practices which can boost the security of your networks. Since technology is evolving, you need to change with it and employ modern security measures.


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