Economic Factors That Are Affecting Businesses Right Now

With a worldwide pandemic and a war in Ukraine, the current state of our economy is on everyone’s mind right now. Oil and gas prices are soaring, and inflation continues to rise. Furthermore, the labor market is abnormally tight. But what do these economic factors mean for businesses? You can look for continued disruptions in the supply chain, a strong labor market, and continued hikes in inflation.

Supply Chain Disruptions

The pandemic caused supply chain disruptions like most people have never seen. Businesses looking for a reprieve in 2022 have, unfortunately, been disappointed with continued supply chain issues. This is partially still thanks to the pandemic, with continued shutdowns of major global ports, such as those in China. There is also still a shortage of key commodities, leading to heavy competition for access to raw materials across just about every industry. Additional challenges include a truck driver shortage, as well as rising consumer demand.

A Strong Labor Market

Over the last couple of years, the U.S. labor market has become tighter and tighter. Layoffs are at a record low, job openings are still abnormally high, and wages continue to rise. Businesses face a competitive labor market and an increase in job openings. All of this contributes to the rising inflation of today’s economy. Luckily, the economy is staying strong, with good indications that the current inflation rates won’t fall into an imminent recession in the coming months and years.


Inflation has been rising for some time now, and economists warn that we have yet to peak. However, as the federal government steps in and tightens its reigns on the economy and interest rates, we should begin to see a leveling off in the coming years. As raw materials become harder to come by and their costs rise, businesses might struggle to stay afloat. At the same time, it can be difficult to fill positions and afford the rising wages. Business owners will be forced to raise their prices and cut back on non-essential expenses to keep going strong as inflation continues to rise.

Fortunately, businesses can thrive in any economy. It just takes a deep understanding of how to allow the economy to work for you, rather than against you. If you can rethink your pricing, cut back on waste, lower your operating costs, and explore new ways to increase sales, your business can be stronger than ever now and in the coming years.

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