Employee Appreciation Tips: 10 Ways to Thank and Praise Top Performers

Employees are undoubtedly a company’s best asset. Good employees expedite the growth and success of an organization. Therefore, the responsibility of nurturing their talent and taking care of them falls on the shoulders of the company. When an employee has a significant contribution to your company, as an employer, you should express your appreciation and gratitude appropriately. There are various ways to do this. We have listed ten easy and effective ways of employee appreciation that will boost their morale and increase their loyalty to your company.

Recognize their efforts

You can always make your employees feel valued and motivated by recognizing their efforts. Quickly ask HR to arrange an employee-of-the-month event, write personalized messages, public announcements, or team meetings, and make the entire office a part of it. The employee you’re appreciating will feel appreciated and the gesture will instill a sense of belongingness in them. At the same time, the other employees will be motivated to work harder for such a caring employer. This will also increase their productivity in the long run.

Give a bonus or raise

One of the best ways to appreciate an employee is to give them a bonus or a raise as they can make great use of it. A one-time bonus or a permanent raise will recognize their dedication to the company and motivate them to work harder to achieve the next one. You can conduct a formal evaluation against company policies and benchmarks. and publish the results within the organization to set an example for the other employees, and they will also stay motivated.

Give them an award or personalized gift

Expressing gratitude to employees through awards or gifts is a meaningful way to thank them for their commitment. These awards celebrate their achievements and contributions to the organization. The awards can be certificates or trophies with their name, tenure, and a thank-you message. This personal touch fosters a sense of belonging. Alternatively, a personalized gift reflecting their interests shows that the organization cares about its employees. Such gestures create a positive work culture and make employees feel appreciated and valued.

Give them added benefits

Employees who have been top performers are usually intrinsically motivated to perform better. Giving them benefits that can add more value to their professional life and bring a better work-life balance will motivate them further. As an employer, you can sponsor one or two vacation or discount coupons for vacation. Alternatively, you can increase their holidays so that they have more time to recharge. You can enroll them in wellness programs or even increase their paternal or maternal leaves. You can also offer them flextime for achieving a better work-life balance.

Offer professional development opportunities

Professional development opportunities benefit both your employee and your organization in the long run. As an appreciation, arrange training programs, conferences, or workshops that align with the employee’s career goals and interests. Supporting their growth and success helps them enhance their skills and keeps them updated in their field. The gesture also helps retain the best talents as they feel that you believe in their abilities.


Arrange team celebration activity

Planning a team-building outing or activity to celebrate the employee’s achievements or a milestone is a unique yet efficient way to show your appreciation. It can include group outings, fun games, or activities to strengthen team bonds. The event allows colleagues to relax, connect, and celebrate the employee’s contribution. Building personal relationships and trust boosts team spirit and provides a break from daily tasks. The activity also creates lasting memories and motivates employees to work harder for the organization.

Provide an opportunity to lead

Letting an employee lead an important project is the greatest gesture of appreciating their skills and abilities. This opportunity can help them grow professionally and feel valued in their role. This experience also improves their leadership skills and opens up career advancement opportunities within and outside the company. The gesture overall will also motivate other employees and encourage them to work harder.

Offer stock options or profit sharing

Offering stock options or profit-sharing programs to employees can be a great way to reward their hard work and dedication. Employees, thus, can become partial owners of the company and be motivated to contribute to the company’s success. They can only receive profit based on their performance and tenure, or as included in your company policies. Profit-sharing programs also increase retention and attract top talent to the organization.


Offer performance-based incentives

Performance-based incentives like gift cards or extra paid time off are a great way to appreciate an employee’s contribution. These can be pre-determined or decided based on individuals and their contributions. These incentives motivate employees to perform better and boost their productivity and job satisfaction. It also introduces healthy competition within the organization, and employees aim to reach their full potential. This can benefit both your employees and your organization.


Provide mentorship programs

Start mentorship programs in your company by connecting employees with experienced mentors who offer guidance, support, and opportunities for career development. Through these programs, employees can improve their skills and knowledge in a supportive learning environment. Mentors act as role models when they share their expertise and help mentees with their career paths. This leads to professional growth and confidence, boosts job satisfaction, and increases employee retention.


Celebrating the achievements or contributions of efficient employees is a great practice for creating a positive work culture and building trust within the organization. Recognizing their dedication and accomplishments shows appreciation and increases loyalty. This simple gesture will help you retain top talent and boost employee satisfaction and engagement. It will also enhance their productivity and position your company as an employer who cares for its employees. You’ll be amazed at how you attract all the top talents to your organization!



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