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Michele Morrissey is a corporate speech-language pathologist certified by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association (ASHA). As founder of Lucidity, LLC, she leads a team of consultants and professionals. Michele was born, raised, and currently lives in Prince George’s County, Maryland.

Entrepreneur Interview Q & A

1. What is your business/Business Name? What does your business do?

My business is named Lucidity, LLC. The name itself refers to being clearly understood. Our organization coaches individuals and trains executives, leaders, and employees to communicate with clarity to internal and external customers.

2. Why did you get into this field? What opportunities did you see?

I was fortunate enough to be raised in an environment that facilitated self-awareness. I knew I wanted to be in a profession that allowed me to serve. My mother was a speech-language pathologist, hence my introduction to the profession. Many of our successes or failures in life are secondary to our ability to practice the art of listening with empathy and expressing oneself with transparency. Our field provides opportunities to clinicians to do so in a variety of settings: Daycares, schools, hospitals, or within corporations.

3. What have been your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenges have been the age-old challenges of many women in business. Trying to “get it all done.” Personally, I believe you can have it all. However, I could not have it all at the same time. I am a mother of four. I had to recognize and be committed to the seasons in my life. Now with my youngest being eleven, I am able to spread my wings a little more.

4. What has been your greatest reward?

Where there is a breakdown in communication, for whatever reason, there is a disruption or frustration nearby. To be able to expand one’s ability to comprehend, express themselves, or communicate with others, brings an indescribable sense of gratification.

5. If you could change something, what would it be?

If I could change anything it would be the learning curve cultivating business relationships.

6. If you could give a new entrepreneur advice, what would it be?

Be realistic. Be prepared. Stay knowledgeable. We are in the information age. Information equips and adds value. What you do should feel like artistry. Develop your craft until it yields a fragrance that is uniquely you.

7. Social Media. Yay or Nay?

I utilize Facebook and LinkedIn. I believe you have to be careful to brand yourself well and to keep your filters in place.

8. How do you market your products?

I currently market through memberships to organizations that have my target audience within their membership. It’s like vetted networking. Because information and knowledge are key to my essential message, I find webinars to be useful to give prospective customers a sample of what I have to offer.

9. Is your business a service or a product? If you are a product, how do you handle production?

My business is a service.

10. What is unique about your business?

My formal training brings a uniqueness to my offers. There are many speakers and coaches in the field of communications, but my training in communication sciences and disorders provides me with a research-based understanding of not just how we communicate in terms of style, but the processes and underpinnings in which communication is rooted.

11. Sell me your product/service.

Michele Morrissey, CEO of Lucidity, LLC, is one of the best-kept secrets in Washington, DC., but for those who know her, she is an important catalyst for helping leaders to elevate their public image platforms and expand their global reach. Clients call on Morrissey for all things communication, including event-specific preparation for high stakes media appearances such as the Congressional Black Caucus, Annual Legislative Caucus, and the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Providing expert advice on how to become a powerful, persuasive, and effective communicator, Morrissey helps individuals and organizations to effectively use verbal and non-verbal communications skills to maximize their impact.

12. How can people get in touch with you? What’s your website/Contact information?