Entrepreneur Interview – Nickel Jaramillo

Nickel Jaramillo has 17 years of Army service and is a PhD candidate, seeking her degree in Industrial Organizational Psychology. As the mother of 4 and a 20 plus year marriage, she has demonstrated skills in time management, goal setting and planning with a purpose. Dedicated to her vision, she is working with transitioning professionals to bring their dreams to life.


Entrepreneur Interview Q & A

1. What is your business/Business Name? What does your business do?

DN Strategy Solutions – We help transitioning professionals create clarity and confidence in the way they communicate their professional and business growth goals.

Everyone has a dream vision about what they want to accomplish and their dream job. It is the belief of the coaches at DN Strategy Solutions that everyone has it within their ability to make their dreams their reality, whether it be a promotion, a business of their own, or earning enough money to retire young and travel. The key is establishing a plan and implementing a behavior based strategy, founded on deliberate action.

2. Why did you get into this field? What opportunities did you see?

I got into this field because I have spent the last 17 years helping people identify their path to career success and create opportunities beyond the Army. The opportunities I see are far reaching and limited only by my imagination.

3. What have been your biggest challenges?

My biggest challenges are myself and my own self doubts. The key is to trust in your vision, trust in your voice, and believe in what you are trying to accomplish. As long as you have that belief in yourself, others will follow because you will take action.

Entrepreneur Interview - Nickel Jaramillo 14. What has been your greatest reward?

My greatest reward is the joy I see on my children’s faces when they watch me work. They are excited to understand what I do and have a new appreciation for what I have done in the Army for the last 17 years.

5. If you could change something, what would it be?

If I could change something, it would be to give everyone the gift of understanding that they have the ability to be who they want to be. They do not have to fit inside a mold envisioned by their family or friends, but can create themselves within the desire of who they want, without fear of reprisal. To embrace yourself and your dreams, and become the person you desire is the greatest gift. While it may not happen on the timeline you desire, there is no reason anyone should stop working towards the goal.

6. If you could give a new entrepreneur advice, what would it be?

Stay in action – never quit. Your only true failure is the moment you stop taking action. Unfortunately, the moment you decide to stop may just very well have been the moment you tipped yourself over the edge to greatness.

Entrepreneur Interview - Nickel Jaramillo 27. Social Media. Yay or Nay?

Social media – ABSOLUTELY! Today, without social media your business is lost in a sea of nothingness and unknown.

8. How do you market your products?

Online: I use the social media space to share my experience, connect with my target market and share resources.

Offline: I network at local events and tell people frequently what I do for a business.

9. Is your business a service or a product? If you are a product, how do you handle production?

I am a service – coaching. In some instances my clients receive a product in the form of Facebook Business page, group, social media space set-up… but overall a service.

10. What is unique about your business?

I bring a different level of experience and knowledge to my business. Bringing 12 years of multi-cultural training to foreign nationals in my field, teaching through interpreters, and learning to present complex concepts in understandable ways. My knowledge is not surface level, I have experience, education and examples to back-up my coaching events.

11. Sell me your product/service.

Build your business on a foundation meant to sustain growth for the long-term. We provide comprehensive strategies, with executable action plans, backed-up with affordable resources to make your dreams a reality. We want to work with you.

12. How can people get in touch with you? What’s your website/Contact information?



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