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– by Haley Gray –

One of the lessons I learned the hard way is that if you have an employee, or there are two or more of you, having office space is invaluable. There are business incubators that offer a variety of office packages, including a single office with a phone, and that will give you a mailing address.

Here are 3 reasons you need to get an office.


You will have a much better idea of how long people are working, and what they’re up to. If you don’t see people in the office, then they could be out on calls with clients, or they could just be not working at all, but do you know which it is? Having an office makes it much easier to tell. Got an employee routinely coming in late, and leaving super early? How will you know if they’re working from home? How do you know if the time that they are working is the least bit productive?

Team Building

Have you ever had a team that was located all over the place, and with no-one in the same building? Was it terribly hard to work together? I believe that humans need to be face to face to work together optimally. Otherwise, you may have mistrust and miscommunication. To get people to come together, you have to get them together.

Remove Redundancy

When we moved into our office, we found that we have a 5 year supply of all of our printed supplies, multiple printers, and more. By consolidating in a single location, you can remove redundancies in the workplace, and in your life.

Still not convinced? Are you still thinking that it’s best to work remotely? That’s fine. But have you asked your employees what they think? Or what environment they want to work in? Chances are, if they are a go-getter, then they will tell you that they need to work in an office.