What do you consider the most important thing about managing your business workplace? Perhaps you jump right to things like profit and revenue numbers, as the main driving factors behind growth and savings for your business. Or maybe you jump to your branding, instead focusing on your relationship with customers and becoming a staple in your customers lives. But the number one factor you should worry about is workplace safety. Here are three factors that contribute heavily to workplace safety, and how to use them to make safety a priority at your business.


The first factor that affects workplace safety at your business is the safety training given to all of your employees. No matter what kind of workplace you operate, from an office to a factory and anything in between, you have to give your employees safety training to deal with the hazards and risks of that workplace. Some business owners treat this requirement as a joke, and simply give the quickest training possible. But teaching employees how to safely do their job is important, and can help prevent injuries, accidents, and worker comp claims. Invest in quality safety training for all employees, especially those in dangerous positions.


Another crucial factor that plays an important role in workplace safety is the lighting situation in your workplace. If your workplace has any sort of hazards or dangerous equipment, it is a necessity that it be properly lit and is visible at all times there are people in or around your workplace. If you can’t see a hazard, you can’t avoid a hazard, and this will cause injuries. Reflective tape can increase visibility in dimly lit areas. If your workplace has dark spots, consider talking with a contractor to discuss options for lighting fixtures to eliminate the problem and keep your employee safe.


The final factor that plays a major role in the workplace safety of your business is the level of signage at your business. The more signs you have warning of potential dangers and outlining exactly how individuals can keep themselves safe, the better. You are legally required to have signage that follows OSHA rules and regulations. These dictate the size of signage amongst other things. Working with a respected sign maker can make understanding these regulations easier to manage.

The safety of your workplace should be your first concern as a business owner. The key to increasing workplace safety is identifying the factors that play the largest role in workplace safety. Putting your attention on these three areas will help you keep your workplace safe for all employees.

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