Factors that Attract More Footfall on Your Online Business

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Online business is booming at a rapid pace, and the number of business getting online is increasing rapidly. Generating revenue from the online world has become a primary business strategy for brands. Which leads us to the optimization of the website and if getting and keeping traffic is a problem for you, take a look at some customer grabbing tips from the experts. With a little work and study, you will soon see better traffic and higher sales for your online business.

More Traffic and Quality Traffic

Generating quality traffic is the leading issue facing any business with an online presence. It doesn’t matter if your business is entirely online or an established brick and mortar company looking to expand online. Many of the tools and methods used to find and keep customers coming back are the same.

You might think that you have to be a college trained online marketing expert to do this. No, a surprising number of everyday people have thriving online shops and storefronts with little or no previous marketing experience.

Factors that Attract More Footfall on Your Online Business 1Make it Searchable

Getting your online business ranked higher by search engines – Google, especially – is possible by combining several strategies that make your site more attractive to them. Search engine optimization combined with quality advertising produces quality results.

Create Quality Content

Optimize your online storefront with quality, relevant content. Michigan Technological University recommends creating unique page content that targets your customer base specifically. This includes writing product descriptions and page content optimized around specific keywords.

Make it Shareable

Sharing discoveries with friends and family is an instinctive human desire. Abet that instinct by adding infographics and social media links to both your site and your blog postings. The icon links take little space and generate positive results. Example: Miss ABC sees a new toddler gadget on your site but won’t buy because she is single. Her sister has twins, and she considers the share icon, clicks it and sends a picture of the item to her. This is a great way to get increased traffic and sales without spending ad dollars.

Buying Traffic

Turn Google into your ally with targeted advertising. Pay per click advertising with Google Adsense is fast and effective. Millions of individuals use Adsense to promote all kinds of businesses. Google makes it easy to create campaigns specifically targeted at your customers and type of business. They provide a lot of assistance in setting up and managing the ads for getting the best return on your investment.

There are many ways to leverage the power of pay per click ads for optimum returns. You can have your ads displayed in Google search results for both traditional and mobile devices.

Making your site and ads mobile friendly is a great way to attract more traffic in today’s marketplace. According to Internet monitoring company StatCounter, more people are accessing the web on mobile devices now than on desktop or laptop computers. For the first time, more than 50% of all access originates from phones, tablets or other handheld devices.Factors that Attract More Footfall on Your Online Business 2Again, put the power of social media to work with YouTube. Your ads seen at the beginning of popular videos can generate interest and profits. Create your own YouTube channel and post videos showcasing hot new products or customer reviews.

Factors that Attract More Footfall on Your Online Business 3

Make it Customer Friendly

Customer friendly. It’s more important now than ever. Today’s online shoppers expect the same level of service and amenities online that they do from their favorite boutique. This is a point many new online store owners overlook as they get overwhelmed with all the bells and whistles available for building e-commerce websites. Suppose if you have an online store that sells large tote bags, then you should keep your product pages neat and sophisticated. Too many graphics could kill the user-friendliness and can make the webpage look clumsy. Try to keep the website as neat as possible.

Success Tips

  • Make your site visually appealing and make sure all navigation bars are attractive and easy to use.
  • Don’t overload the site with products so that it gets confusing to shoppers.
  • Lead them quickly to the items they are interested in and make the purchasing process simple, fast, and secure.
  • Encourage your customers to browse the items available in your store with well-placed images depicting sale items or special offers with fast links for seeing and buying the item. Their wasted time is your money lost.

Make Your Plan Factors that Attract More Footfall on Your Online Business 4

Getting new and repeat customers is a bit of science mixed with common sense courtesy and persistence. Your goal is creating a seamless and enjoyable experience they are happy to share with friends and family. Creating a great shopping experience, SEO optimised quality content, and word of mouth via social media make your business more attractive to search engines and customers, alike. Put these elements into your overall marketing plan and, in time, you will see positive growth.


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