Featured Expert: Marilyn Cook

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Marilyn CookMarilyn Cook is an enthusiastic, animal loving Independent petPro for pawTree Company who loves sharing the options of customized holistic pet nutrition, supplements, and treats with owners and businesses of dog and cat lovers. pawTree is able to help pets and their people thrive, and be healthier longer. Being part of a breakthrough in these options, and being able to touch another’s mind, body and soul is her passion.

Q & A

Leadership Girl: What is the name of your business?

Marilyn Cook: pawTree, dba MyAll4Paws

Leadership Girl: Can you tell us about your business?

Marilyn Cook: Launched in 2014, pawTree specializes in providing high quality, natural, holistic nutrition to pets through a network of Independent petPros. pawTree’s vision is to create a world filled with unconditional love where pets and their people thrive. To see a difference, feel a difference – you know you’re making a difference through pawTree. See a difference in the health, vitality and look of your pet with the finest-quality natural and nutritious pet food, treats and supplements recommended based on your pet’s unique needs, designed by pawTree’s veterinarians and Ph.D. in Animal Science and Pet Nutrition. pawTree takes the guesswork out of making the right choices for your pet by simply filling out a pet profile. pawTree offers turning your love for pets into an income.

Leadership Girl: Who do you serve?

Marilyn Cook: pawTree serves the U.S., all people and their pets, grooming businesses, breeders, trainers, behaviorists, pet sitters, and even veterinarians. Sharing products and opportunities with the communities around the U.S. involves talking, sharing and following up, which results in social and economic growth.

Leadership Girl: What is your website’s url?

Marilyn Cook: www.pawTree.com/MyAll4Paws

Leadership Girl: How did you get into your current business? What opportunities or needs did you see?

Marilyn Cook: Products were introduced to me by a friend, who is an Independent petPro, for my dogs. And after seeing benefits from several of the products, I knew I had to share this company with others. It is an investment in lives – cats, dogs, and humans – helping the bond between them thrive longer. Being an Independent petPro allows one to choose full time, part time, anytime, any place opportunities to make a difference.

Leadership Girl (LG): What have been your biggest challenges?

Marilyn Cook: Somewhat challenging is the initial mention of making a change to switching to or adding pawTree products to consistent routine feedings and usage. Folks are typically open to talking about their pets or business, to trying samples, but hesitate to go ‘all in’ to see if they can make a difference that is satisfactorily affordable in their budget, disregarding the possibilities of benefits resulting in less visits to the vet office, better health and spirit, home delivery, and recurring purchase/free shipping options.

Leadership Girl: What has been your Greatest Reward?

Marilyn Cook: It has been a joy to learn that through my reaching out to people and following up, growing relationships, pawTree has helped pets very quickly enjoy relief from food allergy, seasonal allergy, gastrointestinal issues, chronic ear issues, sore joints, and dry or dull coats, senior dog cognitive issues, and bladder health issues.

Leadership Girl: If you could change something, what would it be?

Featured Expert Marilyn CookMarilyn Cook: If pawTree decides to add an option of increased quantity and size of packaged products such as treats or dry foods, it would be welcomed by new and existing customers who have multiple dogs and cats benefiting from them.

Leadership Girl: Who are your ideal clients?

Marilyn Cook: All U.S. people who are dog and cat owners or fosters, and those businesses associated with pets that want to make a difference in the whole life of that pet and the bond between them and humans.

Leadership Girl: Social Media, Yay or Nay?

Marilyn Cook: Yay – Media makes a good intro and broad connection, but cannot sufficiently compare to the benefits of the personal contact, discussion, and followup reactions face-to-face with pets and people.

Leadership Girl: What is unique about your business?

Marilyn Cook: Complete and balanced Customized Nutrition Plans – pawTree’s philosophy about nutrition starts with the belief that pet nutrition shouldn’t just help your pets survive, it should help your pets thrive! With EZ Ship convenience based on your pet’s profile, pawTree knows with precise certainty how much your pets need and when they need it. 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. There’s no risk! If you or your pets don’t like it, we’ll give you your money back. pawTree offers a 100% money back guarantee on products for 90 days from the date of sale.


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