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Marilyn Moser is maverick in the women’s leadership arena. She’s a wife and mother, and lives her passion of empowering women. She enjoys mentoring and coaching her team and business colleagues, challenging them to become their best self. She has 30 years of experience in the health & wellness industry from Radiology & Mammography Healthcare Sciences to a former fitness instructor. She cherishes her family, and loves traveling the world to live a life on purpose! She’s a top leader in a Nutrigenomics company and enjoys training teams to maximize their earning potential and a grow their influence. Marilyn is excited to be writing her first book on leadership and will give her success tips on becoming an authentic entrepreneur!

Q & A

Leadership Girl (LG): What is the name of your business?

Marilyn Moser: Lifevantage

Marilyn Moser

Marilyn Moser

LG: Tell us about your business.

Marilyn: Lifevantage is a leadership focused company that has a global vision in bio-hacking the aging code with Nutrigenomics. Lifevantage is a NASDAQ company and sponsors the Salt Lake Professional Soccer Team. Our products are scientifically validated on www.pubmed.gov.

LG: Who do you serve?

Marilyn: Anyone that wants to look, feel, and perform better. We have a product line that is clinically proven to extend life span.

LG: What is your website’s url?

Marilyn: marilynkmoser.lifevantage.com

LG: How did you get into your current business? What opportunities or needs did you see?

Marilyn: I was introduced to Lifevantage six years ago from a coworker and friend. I have always been passionate about fitness, health, and wellness, and it was the perfect fit for me as I was approaching my “empty nest” stage of life. I was excited to explore a new marketing company with a unique patented product line, and it’s allowed me an early exit strategy from my full time 30 year Radiology Mammography career. It has given me the opportunity for personal growth and expanded my leadership potential. I am also excited to be writing my first book on empowering women facing the empty nest stage of life. My book will be available this fall!

LG: What have been your biggest challenges?

Marilyn: Learning the network marketing industry and balancing my family and business while growing my leadership skills.

LG: What has been your greatest reward?

Marilyn MoserMarilyn: The incredible personal development with this process and amazing friendships I’ve been fortunate to form, and the opportunity to travel and experience life at a whole new level.

LG: If you could change something, what would it be?

Marilyn: I wish I would have discovered this industry years ago and had the courage to explore new career avenues.

LG: Who are your ideal clients?

Marilyn: Women or men who are looking to improve their health and performance while build their earning potential.

LG: Social Media, Yay or Nay?

Marilyn: Yes.

LG: What is unique about your business?

Marilyn: We have a unique patented product line that’s partnered with top leadership icons like John Maxwell, Eric Worre, Roy Spence, Andy Andrews, and Mel Robbins.


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