As a business owner, one of the biggest benefits you can provide for your employees is a good health insurance plan. This insurance coverage gives them access to various healthcare options that they wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford. As far as health insurance features, these are some of the most sought-after options you should consider offering to your employees.

HSA-Compatible Options

Providing your employees with a health insurance option that is HSA-compatible can be beneficial for many reasons. For one, these options have a higher deductible, which often means less of an expense for you. However, this does not diminish the affordability of medical care because of the HSA attached to it. 

An HSA, or health savings account, is a financial account to which your employees can donate a portion of their monthly income. All of the money that goes into this account can then be used to cover healthcare costs that their insurance doesn’t cover itself. These accounts help your employees save money on healthcare and take better care of their health.

Dental and Vision

Other important features that your employee health insurance plan should include are dental and vision coverage. When considering basic healthcare costs, you may not think past the yearly physical checkup with a primary care physician. However, to take care of every aspect of your health, dental and vision appointments are also incredibly important. 

These appointments should also be done regularly in order to make sure that your employees’ health is as it should be. Dental insurance pays for treatments as long as they’re medically necessary. This added coverage can help cover costs relating to your employees’ dental and eye health.

Mental Health Coverage

One of the most vastly overlooked areas of health is your mental health. However, mental health issues can be just as detrimental as the more visible health problems. If your employees are struggling with their mental health, their productivity will suffer, and they will be unable to complete the work they need. This can get overwhelming for them, and may even cause them to step away from their position. Mental health coverage should be an important consideration to ensure that every part of your employees’ health is taken care of. Things like therapy and mental health treatment are just as important when considering overall health.


Providing your employees with health insurance coverage is one of the best benefits you can give them. These health insurance options focus on all aspects of your employees’ health and show them that you care about them outside of the office. These are just a few of the insurance coverage options you should consider for your employees.


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